The countdown has begun, the advent calendars are opened! With festive party invitations forthcoming, we all want to look our best… 

This is the prime time of year when we’re rushing around, immunity can get low and colds and viruses can creep up on you which is the last thing we need to bring us down over the holiday season. Here’s a few simple tips and some of my favourite products and natural homemade recipes to help you look and feel great all the way through to the New Year! Wishing you a sparkling and relaxed Christmas! 


Get your body ready…  


You may not fancy doing a ‘detox’ in the run up to Christmas, but if you replace a meal each day with a detoxifying Smoothie (don’t drink it on the same day as indulging in rich food as it won’t mix too well for your digestive system!) and drink it over the next couple of weeks, trust me it will help you feel amazing. Also choose a comforting healthy soup rather than heavier meals – It’s also a great way to transition from all the indulgence into a healthier January.  

Here’s two great recipes courtesy of A-Lister Nutritionist Dominique Ludwig:

Berry Chia Spiced Smoothie (2).pdfTomato and Carrot Soup with Halloumi Croutons (1).pdfTomato and Carrot Soup with Halloumi Croutons (1).pdf (1)

A Daily Apple Cider Vinegar Boost   

Studies show that Apple Cider Vinegar increases levels of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria bacteria which is beneficial for the lining of the large intestine and great for immunity amongst many other health benefits. It balances the bodies PH level and is also good for keeping those colds at bay. Drink a teaspoon or two diluted in water daily. 



Kombucha is a great daily drink or a tasty non-alcoholic celebratory drink that happens to be good for you. It boosts your good gut bacteria and helps boost immunity and it tastes great. The perfect healthy alternative to champagne and wine, with the amazing options from NUNC and L A Brewery you can enjoy your bubbly ‘booch’ all season and feel smug with the health benefits and no hangover! 



25ML_Energy Shield (2)

Findhorn Essences Energy Shield Combination Essence  

A unique blessed energy drink containing the vibratory signature of one or more Flowers, Gemstones or Elements of nature. To clear static energies and strengthen inner defenses. Spray directly in the mouth, or alternatively, add to a glass or bottle of water for sipping. Use as and when you wish to invite this energy into your day and keep you on top form all season. 


Get your skin ready…  

Drinking lots of alcohol over the festive season can dehydrate your skin, making it look less than vibrant and a little dull and grey. Moisturise and illuminate for great looking skin that feels comfortable. Get your face, legs and arms soft, smooth, and glowing.  

Rhythm of Beauty Celestial Boho Glow 


The ultimate skincare repair treatment. It contains skin tonic pearl: to brighten, smooth and enhance skin luminosity. The potent infusion of gold calms inflammation, aids regeneration and prevents cell damage. These revolutionary ingredients keep the skin tight, pure and youthful can be used as a night treatment or as a treatment masque twice weekly. 


Handmade Naturals Organic Shea Butter & Argan Oil Balm 

100% pure multi-tasking vegan balm with a multitude of uses – as a moisturiser, beauty balm or cleanser on all skin types, especially sensitive, eczema prone skin, as well as a deep hair conditioning mask or a leave on conditioner. This unscented creamy butter is packed with omega 3, 6 & 9, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants.



Coconut Silky Bath Water  

This is a great quick tip to get glowing silky skin. Put a spoonful of Coconut Oil straight into your bathwater making it soft and silky. You can then just dry off and rush straight out to party! Coconut Oil is also wonderfully nourishing for hands and feet. Last thing at night smother your hands and feet in it, put on cotton gloves/socks, and in the morning, you’ll really feel the difference.  

A natural and simple homemade toner will remove any make-up traces, refresh skin and work as an astringent to balance skin. For normal or combination skin, try fresh cucumber juice. Peel half a cucumber, juice and immediately apply to your skin for a wonderful natural glow. 

Christmas Aroma Toner with Myrrh 

Lavender and Myrrh work well together (yes, Myrrh of wise men fame) and produce a healing antiseptic toner for oily or blemished skin: – 100 ml Lavender water – 10 drops Myrrh essential oil. Apply with cotton wool to clean skin or add to a spritzer bottle for a refreshing spray that will keep skin fresh all night long 


Relax, unwind, and get in the mood… 





S.E.X.Y. Scented Candle to help you Unleash your S.E.X.Y. Self-confident, Empowered, Xtremely You. Light it and create the feeling you need. Perfect for getting ready for a big night out on the town or when you simply need to ignite your S.E.X.Y. Hand-poured with love and features notes of rum, grapefruit, lime clove and amber to create a unique fragrance that is feminine and powerful.



We all need a little peace and harmony at this busy time, to help you along spray around your body and space some Sacred Space Mist to balance energy, helping to purify and clear your physical space to create a more relaxing atmosphere. Just what is needed at Christmas and New Year when you have lots of family and friends around. You are just a spray away from harmony and peace! 


Get your home festive season ready…  


De-cluttering and cleaning your home now is a great way to feel ready for what the season brings. When you are feeling ready to bring the New Year in, recycle all those things you don’t need at the local charity shop and re-use those that you can.   

Regular bleaches, detergents, cleaners with toxic chemicals can leave an unpleasant smell in your home, not to mention making it uncomfortable to breathe! Swap nasty chemical cleaners for natural options, just a few simple regular ingredients are perfect household cleaners and a much healthier option to detoxify from nasty toxic chemicals  

Glycerine mixed 50:50 with water is a great stain remover for old tannin stains on tablecloths, napkins etc.: tea, coffee, fruit juice etc. Work it in and leave it for 30 minutes before laundering as normal.  

Lemons make a great cleaning ingredient; you can clean a ceramic sink with half a lemon, and it will make it shine beautifully. Add a bit of lemon peel to the cutlery container in the dishwasher – it will help shine the cutlery.  

Vinegar will help prevent limescale around taps, in the loo, and can be mixed with lemon and water to clean surfaces and floors and to de-scale kettles.  

Remove pet hair from fabric or upholstery with a rubber glove. Put it on one hand and stroke the hair off – it comes off instantly! 

Get party hair ready…  

girl with hair pink  

To ensure your party hair stays in place all night long without toxic chemicals, try this home-made Non-toxic Christmas Party Hair-fixer:  

– 25 ml filtered water  

– 25 ml lemon juice  

– 10 g of sugar  

– 1 drop vodka to preserve  

Add to a small pump spray bottle and spritz away! If it doesn’t seem to ‘fix’, add more sugar (better than eating it!!)