My Verdict… A superb and innovative design of ergonomic chair. Makes it a joy working at your desk!


janey-lovesIf you suffer from back pain or are worried that your bad posture could lead to future problems please watch this short video as help is at hand.

The Back App is a wonderful chair that is very popular in Nordic countries where they really understand ergonomics and how to keep people in shape – over 6000 Back App chairs were sold last year and now the opportunity to benefit from them is here in the UK

We sit far too much ! many of us sit atthe office, sit while travelling to work, sit for leisure – this is too much and research shows if we sit too much we are much more likely to suffer

  • Heart disease
  • Increased blood fat and sugar levels
  • Increased chance of prostate cancer
  • NOT to mention a larger waistline.

Modern office chairs often encourage this by being static

I’ve discovered a great way to make a change – The Back App chair

This is a chair that allows you to retain the natural shape of your back while getting a gentle but continuous workout for your core muscles.


  • The comfy saddle seat along with the slightly higher sitting position leads to a more open hip angle.  This maintains your back’s natural lumbar curve so you do not slouch and sitting upright is easier.  Its very different from your normal sitting position and feels more like sitting on a horse, odd for a few minutes but you soon get used to it.
  • Place your feet on the ring and you will be free to move in all directions as you balance on the balance ball. You can move the ball in and out to adjust the amount of core training you get.   The result combines the training effect of a balance board with sitting in an excellent posture.
  • This movement will strengthen core muscles you use to balance. It gives you gentle stimulation and a great core work-out I have found that the stimulation from balancing keeps you more alert and creative. I do my best work and have my best ideas sitting on a Back App


  • Start off with the ball in the green zone
  • Take a seat –quite far back so you can feel the rear support rim. This will help to place you centrally over the red balance ball.
  • Now adjust the height of the chair with the lever on the right – experiment a bit but do have a nice open (wide) angle here.(demonstrate)
  • Do think about your work station as a whole – a rough guide is to have your keyboard, papers at around belly button height. The dealers mentioned at the end will be able to give you more advice on this.

RESEARCH – You don’t need to take my word for it as extensive research has been published in peer reviewed medical journals which shows that the Back App

  • Helps you sit in a more natural upright position
  • Reduces the effort of sitting upright
  • Keeps you moving at your desk
  • Reduces back pain while sitting

A summary of the research is given here –

Many people suffer the torture of back pain and everybody knows someone who has their life ruined with back pain. If this is you do something about it now – arrange for a Back App trial by calling this number or contacting the Back App dealers on this website

01727 757221