I recorded a fascinating interview with Dr Sarah Myhill recently, you can hear it HERE at Uk Health radio   Sarah is an ecological medicine Doctor (she does explain what that means) basically she takes into account the full holistic picture.

She talks about how the virus spreads and what we can do to protect ourselves and she is adament that we should all be taking high doses of Vitamin C,

See my other blog post on liposamal vitamin C (HERE) because also on this show I interview Jonathan Cavan from The Milestone Detox who have an online course (v inexpensive) on How to make your own vitamin C

I made my first sample and am making sure we are all dosed up, if one us in the family gets any symptoms I will be upping the does significantly.

my vit c

Check out the course HERE I’m not on commission, I just love this concept!

Dr Sarah also recommends Iodine, I bet thatch a word some of you haven’t heard since your Granny mentioned it,  Sarah says its way more effective then hand antisense and again inexpensive. You can buy it in health stores or on Amazon

We can’t control much at this time, but we can boost our immunity and stay positive