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My Verdict…The award winning Q silica range is unique and brilliant.  They also offer excellent Spirulina, brilliant for immune boosting.



Award Winning Qsilica Skin Care was voted No 1 ‘Overall Best Skin Care Product’ at the 2012 FreeFrom Skincare Awards and voted No 1 ‘Best Face Care Product’.
Qsilica REMOVE ‘Make up and Grime’ Cleansing Gel was selected by the judges as ‘Best Overall Product’. Their comments were:

‘easy to use’, ‘delicious smell and fresh’, ’you only need a tiny bit as it’s so thick’, ’luxurious smell’, ‘left no traces of make-up on skin’, ’very softening’, ’did exactly as promised’, ‘would definitely buy again’, ‘Absolutely love this’.

The Qsilica Skin Care range uses effective botanical ingredients and all products are infused with colloidal silica to give you that natural glow. Naturally, NO sulphates, NO parabens, NO nasties.

Qsilica Capsules & Gel

Australia’s secret for healthy skin, hair & nails, is now available in the UK.
This product has become a huge selling product in Australia and other countries due to the amazing results customers visually see. People with weak nails can’t believe how strong their nails become after just weeks of taking the capsules (vege caps) or liquid gel.
People with weak or thin hair can’t believe how much thicker and healthier their hair becomes – great for eyebrows and eyelashes too!!!
Importantly, silica is essential for the production of collagen and promotes the appearance of healthy, younger looking skin.
As we age we often become deficient in silica and as our body doesn’t produce this vital nutrient and we must get it from our diet or supplementation.
Qsilica Capsules or Liquid Gel deliver microscopic particles of suspended mineral silica for easy absorption in a high potency form.

Silica100.12.12.07NEW Qsilica One-a-Day Tablets

Just one tablet a day with double strength colloidal silica combined with Selenium, Biotin and Zinc includes a clinically researched dose of Biotin to improve the condition of brittle nails.
Zinc is an antioxidant found in every cell of the body and is important for the development, repair and integrity of your skin. Selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails and helps protect cells from oxidative stress.
A convenient one-a-day ‘Age Defence’ tablet!
Also Planet Health brings us – LIFESTREAM

NEW Spirulina Blue Spirulina is often referred to as ‘Natures Richest Superfood’.
Spirulina is a natural source of protein and amino acids, contains iron and is naturally rich in vitamins and nutrients for energy and immune support.
New Spirulina Blue contains 50% more Phycocyanin for increased energy and has a natural vanilla coating so they taste great too!



STOP PRESS…Qsilica One-a-Day Tablets win 2013 Platinum Award!