September can be a busy month, after the more relaxed pace and the holiday mode of past Summer months, September brings a different kind of energy, kids are back to studying, the weather is changing and there’s a feeling of seasonal transition.

Summer time is often the season where we feel better with the rays of sunshine that we catch (however infrequently!), we tend to eat lighter and we get more fresh air and we move more! With Autumn here and Winter on the horizon now is a great time to think about ways of wellbeing and keeping your body and mind aligned as new seasons begin.

Creating balance and harmony in your life comes from the habits that you do daily. It’s important that you make choices that truly resonate with YOU or the desire to practise these habits soon wares off. Some of the most effective wellbeing practices that I have found are good nutrition, yoga and movement, relaxation and self-care in general. Choosing the best wellbeing practice is very personal, as each of us feel connection to different things.

I’d like to introduce you to Ciara Jean Roberts, a naturopathic nutritional therapist and yoga teacher, who works with people to help them create a wellbeing practice that is aligned with their own personal instincts and desires.


Ciara works on an individual basis as each of us is unique and that is reflected in the advice she offers based on where you’re at and what you might be ready to embark upon. To be wholly aligned we need to embrace our fears, mental, physical and spiritual, the dark as well as the light is all part of being human.

Ciara has created ‘Wholly Aligned’ to help find the key to individual wellness. In her consultations she offers tailor-made safe, natural, practical, nutritional and lifestyle advice to incorporate in your daily life and she often includes appropriate therapeutic supplement recommendations. Ciara helps you to become an active participant in your health and take responsibility which is the key you need to vibrant wellbeing.


Her new video project is called called Harmony Hour, a YouTube channel showing videos with a combination of music, dance, nutrition, yoga and wellbeing, offering advice and meaningful self-care tools on how to bring alignment into your life.

As well as personal consultations Wholly Aligned also offers yoga retreats, workshops, and one to one classes. Ciara is also experienced in the art of Ear Candling, an ancient treatment helpful for clearing the ears, nose and sinus areas. Ear Candling instils a deep sense of calm throughout the body as the gentle smoke vaporises through the lungs perfusing the whole blood stream and promoting a sense of wellbeing.

As featured in Top Santé Magazine Nov 2017 edition!

Featured in Nov 2017 issue of Top Santé as part of Changemaker Programme

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