Let me ask you a question – would you go to any dentist in any town for your routine check-up? Are you happy to go to any hairdresser who has an appointment? The answer will be no! – we do business with those we like, know, and trust!

As customers we want to know if we can ‘like, know, and trust’ the companies we buy from, so in this series we ask the person behind some of my favourite natural, organic and holistic companies to step out into the spotlight.

It’s the turn of Marcia O’Regan from Glow Your True Colours

Tell us about yourself and your company…

I am 45 years old, from Cork Ireland and currently living in Brussels.  I have three kids, a French husband and I am the owner and founder of Glow Your True Colours. I set this company up to share the secret power of colour as a tool and a way of living that will change your life forever. It enables women to not just keep glowing for a wedding day but to glow each and every day. Glowing from the inside out and living from that place of deep fulfilment, joy and satisfaction.

A woman glows when she is in her power, knows and trusts herself, loves and accepts herself as she is and is surrounded by loving women who let her be her raw, vulnerable, potent, strong self.  I want women to come back to the wisdom of thousands of years ago where she trusts herself, her intuition and the Universal power that is here for us and that she never has to do it alone again.

Women have been conditioned by roles, expectations and cultural conditions and I have this deep desire to free all women to be their amazing colourful selves. Women are the rainbow.

I now help women to find who they really are on a soul level and I help them merge the spiritual and practical aspect of living in this world and I show them how they can use their gifts and create a business that nourishes them and the world we live in.


How did you get started?

Colour I found in 2005 when I had severe stomach issues. I was living in London at the time and I had gone to loads of different consultants and they told me it was IBS and to I had to live with it. This was not an option for me so I started exploring the holistic/complementary therapy field.

My friend from Ireland asked me to send off for information for therapies she wanted to explore getting qualified in and when the information came in the door I read them and one of the courses was on colour therapy.

I was curious as I loved the spiritual and scientific aspect of colour and I thought something has to change and so I decided to take a risk and do a 6 month certificate in colour therapy. I haven’t looked back since. Within 6 weeks my stomach issues disappeared, I changed jobs, bought a car and bought a flat I had spent 14 years talking about.

I then went on to do the diploma, the teacher training and I initially worked part time in colour while also working in my day job with Reuters.

I went from strength to strength following my own inner guidance, using the colours to hold me, and show me the way and strengthen my own self belief and own my own power in this field as a light worker, spiritual entrepreneur who is a way shower and is here to speak a truth that has kept women back. I now know it’s time, the world is calling out for women to reclaim their Divine Feminine Presence so men can reclaim their Divine Masculine presence and we can literally live a heaven on earth.

What were you doing in a previous life?

In my previous life I worked with Aer Lingus for 8 years, then went on to work with Reuters Factiva as an account development exec and finished my corporate life in a settlement bank.

Why natural/organic/sustainable/holistic?

Because when we use and work with natural products and use the holistic approach we take care of all of who we are. We are not made up of one aspect. We are made up of many aspects just like the rainbow, made up of all the colours of the rainbow, when one is out of sync we feel it. Life becomes stuck, we feel unwell. We are physical, emotional, mental, heart centred energetic beings and all parts of us require attention as each part gives us a sign on our state of being if we took the time to observe and BE WITH, what is coming up for us.

What I love about colour is by your colour choice you can understand so much about what is going on for us and therefore we avoid the chronic illness, the trauma in our lives because the colour communicates to us if we know its language and we can prevent and harmonise ourselves and our life and so live to the rhythm of life.


What’s your USP? What sets you apart from your competitors?

My knowledge and understanding of the language of colour, which is the language of our soul and a science that is also a healing tool.

My intuitive gifts where I am able to tap into this to heal and guide and pass on intuitive guidance as it comes in to those I work with.

My care, generosity and attention for each client I work with. My personable approach because I know, no size fits all and I have this way of knowing what each person needs and what each program I create needs based on the person’s and the groups requirements.

My spiritual and practical approach to living my life purpose and guiding women to be all they came here to be and do the work they came here to do.

My passion and deep love for this work where I know deep in my heart it is to set all women free from cultural, ancestral conditioning so they can honour the truth of being a woman, strong, loving, intuitive, soft, brave, sacred, complex, wise and potent and innate ability to be financially free living a wealthy life in all aspects.

What kind of feedback you have received from clients?


I was drawn to work with Marcia as she is such a beautiful, genuine soul bringing a non-ego desire to help make me the best person I could be on all levels. My gentle soul was drawn to this authentic, loving soul that is Marcia. Before working with Marcia I was lacking in confidence, direction and a true connection with who I truly am at my soul level. She tailored all our sessions to work with what I needed and had endless time and patience for me. Every one of our one-to-one sessions was exactly what I needed. Marcia intuited so much of what I knew to be true and recognised to be true once she told me. Our sessions were empowering, I felt like we worked together, which is the best for our own souls – to be active in our own healing, with Marcia also holding a wonderful, loving, compassionate space in which it all takes place.

We worked on my fears and confidence, and releasing a lot of very old stuff that I hadn’t managed to shift in so many years. Marcia made all that possible and more… I found more of myself than I had imagined I would – at the end of our six/eight weeks I was empowered, positive, happy within myself, free of a lot of pain and emotional burden. In fact I am now living with joy, hope and magic. Marcia gives of herself and her many talents very generously and selflessly, with much love and a wish that we will become even better than we can imagine. The old stuff we shifted has allowed many avenues to open up in my life, that were previously blocked for at least 20 years. If you want to feel amazing, empowered, powerful, beautiful inside and out, be free and alive then work with Marcia.”

Victoria Ann Wright



Before starting with Marcia in the inner wealth alchemy I had lost my way in life. I felt I was stagnating in my business, my part time job had turned into a full time nightmare and I could see no escape from this. I was struggling emotionally and financially and was physically sick from all the stress.

During the 8 months working with Marcia and this group of amazing women I have manifested my dream part time job and even gotten a promotion after only 2 months!!

I now have the energy to give to my clients. I have reassessed what I can do for my clients and am taking my business in a totally different direction. I have found my joy in life again.

This group has allowed me to look deep within and given me the confidence to embrace all my gifts and to use them to help others.

When I decided to use my therapies my mission statement for my business was I want to make a difference in the world by helping one person at a time. Now I feel I can start to do this.

Deirdre Kelly


I would highly recommend anyone who has a business and is looking for a more spiritual based way to run it to join Marcia’s academy. My biggest breakthrough was I am enough.

What I loved most about working with Marcia and being part of the academy was the support and deep bonds that I got from Marcia and my fellow participants. This was something I had been searching for and Marcia made me feel like I’d come home to a family of likeminded people who wanted the best for me.

I increased my client base and income over the six months and felt Marcia was 100% behind me in making this happen. I continue to use what I learned to make my business more aligned with my life and beliefs because the tools I received are truly life changing.

Ber O’ Mahony


What’s the next big launch / project coming up for you?

Live From Your Power one-year program. This is one year to enable women entrepreneurs who are spiritual and are done with pushing, trying and going against themselves. This is about going through a process where a woman acknowledges who is she, what she is here to do and then step in to her power as a balanced Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and use her gifts and make a difference.  It is for women entrepreneurs who are done with playing small and know deep down they are here to make an impact.

They are ready to live a richer more fulfilled life without sacrifice.  They want to be supported using their Divine gifts and learn how to trust, love and flow in their business and life. To live a 5th dimensional way and a more conscious way that impacts everything and everyone.  This program combines practical business tools that have been enhanced with an energetic magic and true miracles and synchronicity become an every day experience. They are never alone again.

What’s your big dream?

My big dream is to have every single woman have her needs met, to do the work she came here to do and be the person she came here to be. To help her know her own truth, to help her make a business out of her passion, to raise her money consciousness and to inspire all women to be happy, healthy, wealthy and free as they live out their soul mission.

To share the secret language of colour that was so powerful that in 500BC manuscripts were burnt to keep this knowledge from people.  There is a meaning to every colour, and when we harness and use the psychology, practical and spiritual aspects of colour then we feel so good. When we feel good, we attract more good, and we make better more empowered decisions.

And most of all for women to believe in themselves and the power of what it means to be a woman.

Inner Wealth

Where can we find your products?

The first one is the ‘Inner Wealth Activator’ this focuses on helping women be financially free. To heal any money blocks holding them back from being wealthy. Once this is mastered then women can have greater choice with more money.

This leads on to the Inner Wealth Alchemy Academy. This focuses on all the aspects of who we are. Mind, body, emotions, heart, soul and money and spirituality. This enables a woman to come back to her soul’s essence and live from that place. After this she recognises and owns her power as a woman and who she really is without the conditions and historic influence. This enables wealth in all areas, where the inner creates the outer.

The next phase of living and glowing your true colours is the ‘Live from Your Power’. Four pillars to fully embody your power as a co creator and daughter of God/ Divine Source/ Divine Mother. All of this is entwined in being an entrepreneur and creating a business and life you want on your terms.

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