Let me ask you a question – would you go to any dentist in any town for your routine check-up? Are you happy to go to any hairdresser who has an appointment? The answer will be no! – we do business with those we like know and trust!

As customers we want to know if we can ‘like know and trust’ the companies we buy from so in this series we ask the person behind some of my favourite natural and organic companies to step out into the spotlight

It’s the turn of Marion Leigh from Findhorn Flower Essences

Tell us about yourself and your company?

I am the founder of Findhorn Flower Essences, Scotland’s largest flower essence producer, and a long-term resident of the Findhorn Foundation community. I grew up in Australia and first joined the Findhorn community in the mid 1970s.

I began developing the essences in the early ‘90s, following the principles of co-creation with nature, that tradition of attuning to the nature intelligences or devas for which Findhorn is internationally renowned. I am a qualified homeopath and teacher with the International Network of Energy Healing, regularly teaching in Scotland, and internationally. I have written two books about the healing properties of flower and gem essences.

How did you get started?

I started small and created 12 essences in the first year, ostensibly for myself. I was encouraged by the founders of the community to make the essences available to others.  Twenty-five years later, we now provide a range of mists, skincare products and over 90 essences.

What were you doing in a previous life?

After qualifying as a Homeopath and bodyworker, I was by employed by an Australian flower essence producer. It is here I encountered the healing power of flowers.

Why natural / organic / sustainable?

I believe that it is important to respect the environment and in turn provide a product that is pure and natural.

What’s your USP? What sets you apart from your competitors?

Our essences are:

Developed in the heart of Findhorn following the disciplines of co-creation with nature.

Handmade from wild Scottish flowers, plants and trees, grown in a pure environment. They are prepared with love and attunement by a team of people dedicated to the principles of healing.

Specifically developed to support the challenges of 21st century living.


What kind of feedback have you received from clients?

We have considerable positive feedback from clients. This is a small selection:

“A few weeks have passed by since I started to take Findhorn Flower Essences and I have continued to use them.  My life and health has improved out of all recognition and I have been able to take the first steps to changing my life”.

“I must say, that Findhorn drops really have some magic influence.  I did not believe in flower essences before I started to take these!”

“Your combo essences are the most amazing tool I’ve ever worked with. Thank you so much for making them!”

What’s the next big launch / project coming up for you?

Our range of Skin Care products, Moisturising Creams and Aloe Vera Gels, are undergoing an exciting rebrand including new labelling and contents and they will be relaunched in the spring. We will also be extending and developing our training and outreach program this year in order to bring the benefits of Findhorn Flower Essences to a much wider audience.

What’s your big dream?

To promote health and well-being in as many ways as possible: By producing flower essences and vibrational remedies in co-creation with nature, by delivering a progressive education programme and by engaging positively with the environment, trading partners and themselves.

Where can we find your products ?

Online from our website and also from all good health stores, spa’s, beauty clinics and selected retailers.