Let me ask you a question – would you go to any dentist in any town for your routine check-up? Are you happy to go to any hairdresser who has an appointment? The answer will be no! – we do business with those we like know and trust!

As customers we want to know if we can ‘like know and trust’ the companies we buy from so in this series we ask the person behind some of my favourite natural and organic companies to step out into the spotlight

It’s the turn of Petra Doering from MAGNETIX WELLNESS

Tell us about yourself and your company? How did you get started?

In 1999, Petra Döring, Founder of MAGNETIX WELLNESS, had the idea of combining the effectiveness of magnets with elegant jewellery.
She pursues her goals in strict accordance with the Japanese Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement. Today, more than ten million customers are wearing MAGNETIX Wellness jewellery.


Here at Magnetix Wellness, our aim is to support people in:

  • looking good
  • living well
  • earning a good, flexible, additional income

Whether classically elegant or modern and on-trend, our range of magnetic jewellery is so varied that everyone will find a new favourite piece there –men and women, children and adults of all ages. And not only that: we want people to feel good. That is why we offer our customers and visitors wonderful Wellbeing tips – day by day.

The concept behind our jewellery

In 1999, when Petra Döring started designing magnetic jewellery, it was all great fun: she focused on classical colours and shapes, current trends, personal preferences and her own inspiration. She put together collections of matching items of jewellery that perfectly complemented one another – from bracelets and chains to rings and earrings. And she combined design and efficacy, because each item is equipped with high quality magnets.

Over the years the whole MAGNETIX Collection has developed its own unmistakeable ‘signature’. It’s to be found in every piece of jewellery and in every accessory – masterly design and meticulous production.

Why natural / organic / sustainable?

Magnetism is a component of life

Magnetism is the force that maintains order – on Earth and throughout the universe. It is a fundamental principle that we encounter everywhere – even in the smallest building blocks such as atoms, molecules and body cells. Magnetism, therefore, is inextricably bound up with life.

Magnets work with natural power

We are delighted if you find our magnetic jewellery attractive even at first sight. What you cannot see, though, is how the magnetic energy works. We’d like to explain that to you here. The force of the magnets affects all life. No wonder, since our Earth is itself a giant magnet. Natural magnetic routes are used by birds of passage, for instance, and by whales, to orientate themselves.  So there are wonderful forces of nature that give our magnetic jewellery its special powers.

What’s your USP? What sets you apart from your competitors?

MAGNETIX WELLNESS is for us the Nr. One in delivering magnetic jewellery why is that?

Petra Döring was the first to introduce Magnetic jewellery in Europe in 1999. Since then she ran a fast growing international business. MAGNETIX is expanding and the consultants worldwide give the evidence. “There is no other magnetic jewellery firm that I would love to work for” says consultant Rosemarie Graning who works for Petra from on the first minute. “Petra is the heart and the spirit of a brand that makes the difference” she continues. “Petra was the first one introducing the jewellery with effect. She embodies the brand and the power as no one else could” says top counsellor and seller Rosemarie. They both know the markets as its best and the results show: they sell to more than ten million satisfied customers worldwide.


What’s the next big launch / project coming up for you?

We just introduced a new perfume series with 5 different fragrances. It is a complete new product and we are sure our customers will love it. It completes our magnetic jewellery in a wonderful way and offers our customers a new range of wellness products to be loved.

What’s your big dream?

The more people get to know MAGENTIX and its wonderful designs as well as its sustainable and great effect they love the power of the magnetic jewellery. Thus we want to spread the world and inspire more and more MAGNETIX jewellery lovers continually national and worldwide and be THE magnetic jewellery brand.

Where can we find your products ?

You find MAGNETIX WELLNESS online under:  www.magnetix-wellness.com

But as we work as a direct seller we have consultants nationwide that come to meet you in person or organise a MAGNETIX party in your house. You just have to give as a call or get in contact with us and one of our consultants will get in contact with you.