BumbleZest was born out of Dan and Emily Watson’s small Battersea kitchen, crafting recipes using natural ingredients designed to help deal with the challenges of modern life and to taste great, focusing on health, complexion, weight management, vitality and overall wellbeing. 




Dan struggled to keep a balanced lifestyle working in property and living in a city with lots of distractions and was drinking too much coffee and alcohol, he experienced high levels of stress and anxiety, which along with skin issues led him to want a healthier option and to develop BumbleZest. 




Dan experimented with drinking lemon water with a drop of honey, often mixing it with different herbs from his tiny Battersea garden, then he went on to create the recipes and source the incredible ingredients that they now pack into each and every drink. All ingredients are natural, GMO free, ethically sourced with no added sugars, colouring, additives or preservatives. All drinks are gluten, nut, dairy and lactose free, and vegan friendly except for Revive & Restore product which contains honey & collagen. 




Their collection of health drinks includes shots, that can be taken on the go, and cans that make a lovely refreshing long drink, there’s also a light CBD tonic water that can be perfectly paired with your favourite premium spirit of choice. Each drink has up to 9 different healthy, functional ingredients in generous doses such as Ginger, Turmeric, Matcha, Lemon, Cinnamon, Collagen, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Spirulina, and Activated Charcoal amongst others! They have stripped out almost all fruit, vegetables and other ingredients that contain hidden sugars and use just Lemon Juice as the fruit base, which contains very low amounts of sugars, fats and calories.




All packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable with glass bottles and non-BPA aluminium cans. They say NO to Plastic! All the cardboard packaging used is 100% recyclable and made from materials sourced from sustainable forests. They ensure all the Honey used is ethical and comes from hives where Honey is left for the bees all year round in order that the bees to survive the winter.



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