Join me this Saturday for the Being Imperfectly Natural show on Feel Good Factor TV on Sky Channel 191Sat and Sun around 9.30, my special guest is Caroline Lyons of The Natural Skincare Club. Caroline will be showing us how to make super simple DIY skincare recipes, like this one below. Don’t miss it!

Caroline is also creator of Lotus Therapies in Whitstable, Kent, specialising in creating handmade, natural products and therapies designed to nourish your body and soul. Their natural products are tested on a wide variety of skin types to ensure that they nourish and pamper without the need for harsh chemicals.

Over the last 25 years, Caroline has developed a passion for real Body Work and also offers therapies ranging from Holistic Massage and Deep Tissue Massage, all the way through to Traditional Thai Massage and Reflexology. Over recent years Lotus Therapies has increasingly started working with clients living with Cancer and have extensive experience working with hormonal issues, ranging from Endometriosis to Perimenopause and beyond. All treatments take place in the peaceful and tranquil Cabin, which provides a stress-free atmosphere to fully absorb and appreciate the bodywork. Read more about Loutiuse Therapies Whitstable here>>

Caroline has recently created The Natural Skincare Club born from the belief that we should all know and understand what we put on our skin. Education about the cosmetics and products we use, helps us all to make better decisions about what we buy, which is why the club has launched their brand of education and experience boxes which make wonderful christmas gifts!



Each box has everything you need to teach yourself or your child how to make your own products; including ingredients, packaging, and labels. AND, because the biggest passion is education, The Natural Skincare Club have created their very own ingredient information cards and fun activities to help grow knowledge about the natural ingredients used.



 Being Imperfectly Natural show on Feel Good Factor TV Sky Channel 191Sat and Sun around 9.30