With our busy lives, even though we know we should stop to smell the roses and appreciate being in the moment, it’s not always easy! Today is a day to look at the simple things we can do to allow happiness to blossom.

We live with so much stress, anxiety, and fear and sometimes it’s tricky to find the right focus to be able to make the choices that will bring us more happiness.

Doing things for others is said to be a great route to happiness. Giving our time and energy builds stronger connections making others happy and in turn making us feel good.

It’s all too easy to put off that call to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, or reach out to a family member and offer support, and it’s also easy to go through our day with a head full of things that need doing and not stop to smile or pay a compliment. Try it today! Join the movement for a happier world, if you sign up at http://www.dayofhappiness.net you’ll receive a Happiness Guidebook, Happiness Pack for Kids and a World Happiness Report.

Janet Jones is The Happiness Millionaire, a leading breakthrough and happiness expert in the UK, and it was whilst writing her new book ‘Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images for a R.I.C.H and Powerful LIFE’ that she discovered the science behind the power of images and how what we see can either take our life along a happy and successful route or down a devastating route.

Knowing the power of images, Janet has created thirteen images that represent a time-tested system to happiness and success. She has shared her unique images with audiences across Europe and the Far East and is changing lives, helping people break through difficult times, double their income, overcome depression, start businesses and live a fulfilling life true to them.

Here are some of Janet’s tips..

If you are loved by someone celebrate that.

If you live in a peaceful country be grateful every day. There are people in the world who are starving and dying in war torn countries. They would love to live in peace.

If someone said thank you to you today, smile, you were noticed for your kindness and that is proven, by genuine science, to create lasting happiness.

It is a complete miracle that any of us exist at all and I believe that is the greatest celebration for every day of the year, for life.


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