Celgenics is based on the fact that every cell in your body vibrates at a particular frequency or vibration. In exactly the same way, homeopathy, flower essences and crystals also have their own characteristic  energy frequencies. This is the basis of energy medicine; the ability of one energy field to influence another energy field.


My Verdict… An amazing concept behind the creation of this luxurious new range…  21st Century skincare has arrived!


janey-lovesThe underlying theory behind Celgenics is based on the fact that not only do we have an energy field around us, which can be seen as light, but every cell in our body emits light and vibrates at a particular frequency. The fact that our bodies emit energy as light  is not new – at the turn of 19th / 20th century, a Dutch doctor, Dr Einthoven, received a Nobel Prize for the discovery that the hearts electricity could be measured; this discovery ultimately led to modern day electrocardiograms as a standard tool for medical diagnosis. If you feel sceptical, skincare afficianados will remember that  the uber successful Crème de la Mer was founded by Max Huber – a NASA Scientist. They energise their Miracle Broth with sound and light frequencies.

Most of us know the theory that all life depends upon molecules interacting through vibrating energy fields. This is true for every homeopathic remedy, crystal or flower essence that also has its own vibrational energy pattern. The ageing process and illnesses alter the vibratory resonance of cells and tissues including our biggest organ, the skin. To address this, Celgenics skincare holds the vibrational energy patterns of the skin’s physiology such as ‘hyaluronic’ acid, collagen and elastin as well as crystals and flower remedies, all chosen for their individual properties which will benefit the skin. You could call it an ‘energy recipe’ which is carried by the creams into the skin to strengthen the body’s own energy frequencies.

I Love finding out about creators of great natural products and I was thrilled to meet Marian Bourne, a Nutritionist, Kinesiologist and Cranio Sacral practitioner, I really think Marian is a very special alchemist – as she says “Everything in nature works on the fundamentals of energy – and I believe it’s this energy resonating with the skin that enables Celgenics to deliver great results – from wrinkle reduction and rejuvenated skin to a sense of well-being and relaxation”.

This is a very special range, – try it and see