Agua de Madre is the leading water kefir brand in the UK with the highest number of live cultures per 100ml. Great for your gut, super tasty, thirst quenching, and vegan! A naturally sparkling water kefir that is low sugar, organic and packed with 55 billion live cultures.

Nicola Hart, founder of Agua De Madre has long been fascinated with fermentation and its powerful benefits, as well as its strong cultural foundations, dating back thousands of years. She set out to create the ultimate ancient modern drink with invigorating benefits to share with the world. 

The name comes from the ‘mother’ culture used in the fermentation process and is a dedication to the communities that mothers have built around the world throughout history. The mission is to encourage madres to shine in all forms, nurturing our guts and our communities along the way.




Agua De Madre is made from fermenting the ‘mother culture’ of bacteria and yeast with organic natural fruits, to produce a delicious naturally sparkling drink that contributes to maintaining good gut health and has a positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing, ensuring a balanced ecosystem for our bodies and minds.

Agua De Madre use the elemental Tibicos Mother Culture discovered two thousand years ago on the pads of the Mexican Opuntia cactus. It is fed, nurtured and used to ferment this delicious probiotic drink.




The live culture is added to organic fruit and ginger and left for just the right amount of time, through the process of fermentation, the sugar levels decrease, and the gut-friendly flora increases, as the drink becomes lightly effervescent like a champagne that is great for you! The more diverse strains of bacteria found in your micro biome, the healthier you are.  




Water kefir is a little different to kombucha and is often easier for the gut to absorb the goodness from water kefir, and it has a much gentler, softer mouth feel. Water kefir has 3 times the average amount of live cultures as Kombucha, and it has no caffeine unlike Kombucha that is fermented with tea. 

Agua De Madre is brewed in small batches in London. All the cultures are alive and still fermenting so the goodness just keeps on giving. It tastes fresh and has a flavour similar to a live lemonade or ginger beer, neither to sweet nor too sharp.

The sugar in it continues to metabolise into a natural trace low-alcohol and it is naturally sparkling and not carbonated. There are four delicious flavour options, the original, passion fruit & raspberry, elderflower & apple and pomegranate & hibiscus. They also sell a wonderful ‘Remedio Naturale’ which is a ginger and lemon infusion, a sustainable biproduct from the fermentation process of making Agua de Madre which can be mixed into hot water for an immunity boosting delicious hot drink or used as an ingredient in spicy dishes, cakes and smoothies.

Agua de Madre tastes great on its own with mint or as a live mixer.

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