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Shui Me was created by founder Gary Lloyd, after purchasing a reed diffuser from a department store, Gary liked the aroma but really didn’t like the artificial ingredients or alcohol so commonly used, so he decided to make his own! He has created a beautiful collection of home fragrances using natural and organic ingredients without the alcohol.

So many home fragrances these days use synthetic perfume and are toxic to our health so choosing natural is important. Many of us don’t necessarily react badly, but that’s not to say it’s not affecting us on a low-level basis, and chemicals used can lead to respiratory problems, insomnia, irritability and skin rashes. I have been encouraging people for years to replace air fresheners, candles, fly sprays and cleaning products with a natural eco version and Shui Me fragrances have been a favorite of Imperfectly Natural for a few years because they smell beautiful and they are 100% natural.

They make the most wonderful gifts that many people will appreciate, and they are great to have in your home if you are entertaining, each diffuser uses specially selected oils for each room of your home. The luxury collection includes alcohol-free reed diffusers, organic essential oil blends, organic room sprays and Epsom bath salts. Gary’s mission is simple: to support your wellbeing in the comfort of your own home 24/7.

As Gary says, “there’s nothing better than arriving home from a hard day’s work and being ‘hit’ with the aromas of a Spa. No matter what day I’ve had, I instantly feel calmer”

Give someone you love and appreciate the gift of calm, relaxation, purity and uplifting fragrance.

Shui Me Organic Reed Diffusers 




The multi award winning trio of reed diffusers hand-blended with TLC (therapeutic loving care). Created to bring a luxury spa experience into the comfort of any home, each therapeutic blend supports a different aspect for wellbeing. 

Designed with a particular room in the house in mind, for stillness, tranquillity, balance, or positive energy, a fragrance lovers most wanted gift! Natural, healthy home fragrance packaged beautifully.


Shui Me Organic Essential Oil Blends



Unique and expertly crafted, showcasing the potent power of the world’s finest botanicals. A concentrated hit of aromatherapy, this small but mighty trio helps to elevate mood and supports wellbeing 24/7.

100% organic, vegan, cruelty-free, GMO-free and sustainably sourced.

Add 3 to 5 drops to your diffuser to create your aromatic ambience of choice or mix a few drops in your favourite carrier oil (we like sweet almond) for a luxurious at home massage.


Shui Me Organic Room Sprays


Take your living space to the next level in aromatherapy. Choose from a trio of restorative room sprays expertly blended to elevate both mood and ambience. Created with a particular room in the house in mind, and crafted with the finest quality organic essential oils, they are vegan, cruelty-free, GMO-free and sustainably sourced.

Find ultimate serenity with Relax, deep cleanse and refresh with Purity, or energise with Uplift. Simply spritz into the air, on bed linen, cushions or the sofa and let your mind, body and living space reset.


Shui Me Pure Epsom Bath Salts



Revitalise body and mind with an indulgent self-care bathing ritual.

These pure Epsom Bath Salts offer a myriad of therapeutic benefits for muscles and mood. Mineral bathing in magnesium sulfate crystals is renowned for its deeply restorative effects on both physical and mental wellbeing.

Magnesium helps promote muscle relaxation, reduces inflammation and soothes aching muscles post exercise. Sulfate helps with muscle recovery and detoxifies the body. Dissolve two cups under hot running water for absolute sensorial calm.

Win a set of 3 Shui Me Organic Reed Diffusers worth £105!