There are so many choices when it comes to that special gift and we’re excited to spotlight for you some of the amazing natural products that we’ve discovered – the perfect gift for those who love and appreciate natural and organic products.




Findhorn Flower Essences are committed to producing the highest quality flower essences, developed in Findhorn Scotland, using flowers, plants, and trees indigenous to the region, and produced in accordance with Dr. Edward Bach’s original instructions and guidelines. 

Findhorn Essences inspire change and wellbeing through holistic products and services. This includes Flower Essences, Room Mists and Therapy that combines both. They are a member of the British Association of Flower Essence Producers and their MD Iona Leigh, is both a Tutor and Advanced Practitioner member with the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association. Treating and teaching with Essences is their passion, and their products and services help people make positive changes! Iona’s mother Marion Leigh (1951 – 2019) incorporated the company in 2000, she was a qualified homeopath with a love of flower essences. Iona grew up making essences with her mother in the family kitchen, where she would bottle and label after school and during school holidays! 

Their hand-crafted products are completely natural and can be used by anyone, including babies, children and animals. They use the innate healing properties of flowers indigenous to Scotland, to bring support for a variety of emotional issues. 

Flower essences offer relief in times of stress and can help you gain insight and peacefulness during times of change and transition. Essential oils have a sensory simulative effect… so as we smell the essential oil it stimulates an emotional reaction in our brain. Flower, gem and elemental essences carry an energetic frequency which is assimilated by the body and contribute to a positive state of health and wellbeing! 

Their Sacred room sprays make wonderful gifts for yourself or for loved ones and indeed anyone who appreciates the uplifting, calming or healing power of aromatherapy. They are beautifully presented in glass bottles with eye-catching packaging. 



Sacred Energy Room Mist is created with aromatic waters made from essential oils. It’s a room mist for clearing. Spray in the four sacred directions of the room you wish to clear and bless. Whilst spraying the mist they invite you to use the affirmation: I am strongly protected and safe in my world.  Made with the Essential Oils of Lavender for calming and Peppermint for protection. 


25ML_Energy Shield (2)

Energy Shield Combination Essence is unique blessed energy drink containing the vibratory signature of one or more Flowers, Gemstones or Elements of nature. Scottish Primrose, Watercress, Wild Pansy and Wintergreen; gem essences of Diamond, and element essences of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. To clear static energies and strengthen inner defenses. 

Spray directly in the mouth, or alternatively, add to a glass or bottle of water for sipping. Use as and when you wish to invite this energy into your day. 

In Marion Leigh’s Handbook she states; “Energy Shield helps you to stand in strength and create the positive energy that you need to feel more confident to handle detrimental vibrations that affect you. Energy Shield helps to purify, transform and release negative energies and influences.” This was Marion’s unique, personal belief.

Win a Sacred Energy room mist from Findhorn Flower Essences worth £17.95