My Verdict… ‘Upstairs Downstairs” hits the 21st century with Mangle and Wringer’s fabulous new cleaning products’

You’ll know I am passionate about the ‘holistic’ picture and believe there’s no point eating well and using 100 per cent natural skincare if you then clean your home using potentially toxic chemical products.   The great news is that it’s easy to go ‘old style’ and chemical free yet have gorgeous looking natural products. I’m delighted to have come across Mangle and Wringer whose products have been inherited from long-time housekeeper, Bette Smith, who went into service in 1934 at the age of 14.  She took with her a family recipe for soap – that had been passed down through the generations – and used it to make cleaning products that were completely safe but very effective. Bette’s secret recipe lemon oil is naturally anti-bacterial and probiotic! She continued to use her products throughout her life when she ran a thriving laundry in Gloucestershire.

Mangle and Wringer’s products are based on these traditional recipes and made by hand in exactly the same way they’ve always been made.They use organic coconut oil (from a women’s co-operative in Ghana) and organic sunflower oil to make the soaps, then they add to it food grade ingredients like bicarbonate of soda, citric acid and lemons.

All the products are non-toxic and biodegradable; they don’t test on animals and take care to ensure that their suppliers don’t either. All the ingredients come from renewable and sustainable sources and are included on the labels.

I’m loving the funky tins – the Bathroom Cleanser and the Kitchen Cleanser which is a safe and natural biodegradable cream cleaner that can be used on all surfaces including marble, ceramics, glass and stainless steel and even cuts through grease and there’s also an excellent multi surface ‘Spray and Go’. Their laundry products are excellent too, unfragranced so particularly good for people with sensitive skin conditions and there’s a ‘natural’ laundry bleach as well. Treat your whole family and your pets to a toxin free environment, no need to have a child-lock on the cleaning cupboard, in fact encourage the kids to get cleaning!