My verdict… “The one my teens go for… Highly recommended”

With two teenage boys whose mum is a passionate advocate of natural skincare and beauty you can only begin to imagine the arguments around personal care products in our home, Obviously I won’t allow any products in the house that I don’t believe are sustainable, natural et al – but try telling that to a couple of image conscious boys who just want to buy the latest stinky brand from the high street pharmacies!

In truth the smell of the synthetic chemicals really gets to me, as you will know when you don’t use artificial fragrance, it has a massive impact when you come into contact with it.

Because boys have to ‘rebel’ they have dismissed and  eschewed all of ‘mummy’s’ natural skincare choices and smuggled various creams and scary potions into their room.  I do understand, one reason is that many of the products I use are just not appealing to teenagers, which teenage boy wants to use the aromatherapy oils, and prettily packaged creams his mum opts for?

PrintBut a miracle has occurred – it’s all turned around, without making any fuss I left lying around a whole selection of Teen-skinactives

Funkily packaged, clearly aimed at them (not me) it’s all in the name, the products are created and formulated to work with teenage skin that needs special attention to help improve the overall condition and treat acne / breakouts etc  ‘Mum can I try this – it’s for teenagers right ?  asked son number one tentatively, ‘Sure give a it a go’ I said, not wishing to sound too enthusiastic, a few days later his brother said – ‘where’s that skin scrub, the other stuff works great, I swear my zits are clearing’  –

At last the boys actually want to use a product that looks funky and is clearly aimed at them (perfect for girls too, its clever unisex packaging), yet contains no alcohol, mineral oils, lanolins, or peroxides, no artificial fragrances or colours.

Hurrah – it’s a win win!

It’s all thanks to the world renowned aromatherapy skin and body care specialist Eve Taylor OBE. She has pioneered the use of plant extracts within skincare with great results for many years