My Verdict… “Colour therapy at it’s best – the perfect way to unwind and recharge after a busy day.”

Sensara Kolure are a new innovative brand that combine the magic of colour therapy with the science of aromatherapy to produce beautiful products that can have an impact on your mood and well-being

That there are 3 real health benefits to the products –

1.     Detoxification from the sea salt – an age old tradition for purification by drawing toxins out of the body and for soothing sore muscles and aches and pains

2.     Balancing benefits from the aromatherapy oils – therapeutic effects for balancing hormones, relaxing the mind, restoring a sense of vitality and lifting the mood etc.

3.Transformation from the colour energy/therapy – it has a positive influence on our physical, mental, emotion and spiritual well-being. when the energy of a colour interacts with the body it can help to encourage all kinds of positive shifts in mood.


They only use organic and natural ingredients certified by the soil association, ethically harvested sea salt from the shores of the red sea, they don’t use any synthetic ingredients and all  products are made by hand in small batches to ensure that the most vibrant products reach the customer

You can either pick the colour you are most drawn to or you can pick the transformation that you most desire (the transformations are on the front of the bottle)

So for example –

Flamenco Red is grounding

Firefly Orange is uplifting

Sunrise Yellow is energising

Forest Green is healing

Ocean Blue is clearing

Petal Pink is soothing

Magical Purple is relaxing

They make great gifts and arrive wrapped in tissue paper and with a personalized gift tag