Look and feel great naturally without ditching the lipstick..(or shaving foam). 

It’s been a while since I have done any speaking gigs in London other than trade shows so I’m really pleased to team up with the fabulous Funzing who offer a huge variety of talks and workshops under the LDN banner to offer a talk aimed at anyone who would like to ditch the chemicals and live a little more holistically – albeit ‘imperfectly’…Thursday 15th Feb 2018.
I don’t expect you to get everything right, and I definitely don’t want to make you feel less gorgeous, clean or sparkly, but I do believe the ‘small change big difference’ approach works.
Look forward to seeing you there…
Here’s the link to book, its only £12.00!!!
Funzing say…

Janey fast tracks you to the best organic and natural products, encourages you to make simple DIY skincare and natural cleaning products, save a small fortune and tick the eco box in the process. 

You will leave inspired to ditch your chemical laden brands and go organic and natural without sacrificing on quality and effectiveness. 

From organic dry shampoo to the best in bamboo clothing, simple kitchen cupboard remedies for common ailments and more – there is a natural solution to everything…this will change your life!

Venue: London Fields Taproom, London FieldsDoors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.

*Please see venue website for admission (age restrictions) or accessibility information. Our talks may be filmed for promotional purposes.


LDN Talks is a new concept which aims to re-invent your after work drinks. We’ve pulled together an impressive array of leading entrepreneurs, intellectuals, bright thinkers and incredible individuals to inspire your evenings.

Held in a hand picked range of bars across London, a LDN Talks event makes the perfect after work activity.

Delve into a totally new subject and challenge your perspectives over a beer with like-minded Londoners. Funzing has always encouraged you to do something different with your free time, so we say do just that – you never know where it may lead you!

Experience includes:
  • Fascinating lecture
  • High profile speaker
  • Trendy London venue
  • Unique after-work event

Bring your friends, see you there https://uk.funzing.com/funz/ldn-talks-ditch-the-chemicals-feel-naturally-great-14271?internal_ref=host-page

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