Finally my 2nd TEDx talk is live on YouTube (please give it a thumbs up and nice comment as it’s currently very few views, as it’s just gone live – thank you!)

If you liked my previous talk Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew! (thank you!) this one delves a bit deeper into self-acceptance, (or the lack of it) which often lies behind our addictions, or lack of balance.
It’s not possible to simply declare, ‘I love myself’ – most of us don’t! Years of limiting beliefs and blocks hold us back, but we can become curious, and start to wonder about future possibilities.
Curiosity allows our unconscious mind to be open to possibilities – and puts the fun back. Hope you’re curious enough to give it a watch!

If you are Sober curious check out The Sober Club, its a totally non judgemental approach to changing the conversation around alcohol.

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louise hay meme Self-love is the prescription for healing the world


Are you practising self-love?

An important benefit of self-love is better mental health. Practising self-love means you are less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression, it can reduce stress and encourage us to follow good habits rather than ones that are not serving us mentally or physically. Check out my blog post here>>