We are thrilled to have  Dr Bunmi Aboaba and her unique Crystal & Rox sponsoring our 2021 Platinum Awards!



Redirect the energies around you; neutralise negativity, evoke positivity. Remove mental blocks that keep you from your ultimate goals. Conquer your fears and overcome stress. Support your finest self with sacred, ancient wisdom.

A single crystal properly prepared and attuned is a potent energy source. Used by our ancestors for thousands of years to enhance intentions, support goals, bring healing and success. Crystals are an ancient tool increasingly recognised and respected today for their ability to positively impact and transform lives. The wisdom and expertise required to effectively combine the unique energy of crystals is rare and specialised.

Crystal & Rox is a unique interiors service in which science, spirituality and beauty effortlessly combine. As a Certified Crystal Healing. Practitioner and Reiki Master Dr Bunmi Aboaba has spent many years harnessing the powerful harmonising properties of crystals to help clients grow in self-belief, conquer their fears and dramatically improve their health and wellbeing.

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This is a truly unique concept which can radically enrich your life. Embedded in the finest Italian marble, a bespoke Crystal & Rox grid features a geometric pattern of life-enhancing crystals. These ancient crystals are carefully selected in relation to the desires you wish to manifest. Maybe you wish for increased health, wealth or wellbeing? Your unique Crystal & Rox grid will be attuned to your needs, surrounding you with calming, positive energy.

A refined aesthetic is achieved by combining the world’s finest Italian marble with the natural beauty of ancient crystals. A Crystal & Rox grid is guaranteed to enhance the look as well as the feel of your home or work space. Once installed in the floor, wall or ceiling, your crystal grid will provide the ultimate luxury wellbeing experience. It will improve the energies of you and your family as well as increasing your sense of calm as you go about your daily lives.

The wrong combination of crystals can cause conflicting energies. Whilst a poor arrangement dissipates the individual properties of each crystal. Crystal & Rox  possess the knowledge, expertise and respect for sacred crystal teachings and practice to perfectly align your specifically chosen combination of crystals. You can be confident Crystal & Rox will provide you with an unparalleled experience that manifests joy.