DermaBalm moisturiser is Natures Naturals’ own totally natural, unique formulation, manufactured entirely from naturally-sourced ingredients that are both Paraben and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) free!


My Verdict…I love how light and gentle this natural moisturising ‘milk’ is with no greasy residues. I’d recommend it as a superb moisturiser for anyone with problem skin.

janey-lovesDermaBalm is a unique product, featuring totally naturally-sourced ingredients, from Natures Naturals, to help protect your skin in the gentlest, safest way possible.

The fact that it is paraben and SLS-free is unique because most toiletries on the market have them. Also, this formulation doesn’t leave any greasy residue or stains which is another plus!

What is really great is that it gives instant skin moisturising and after-sun relief and can also help relieve the symptoms of heat rash and dry skin caused by gardening, washing and many other activities. This totally natural ‘magic milk’ can be used daily as a special skin care product and is also suitable for those with skin prone to dry, itchy patches, including psoriasis and eczema.  My old mum was prescribed steroid cream – which you can imagine didn’t go down well with me!  I quickly replaced it with this for her – to great effect. Also available in a travel pack size that meets airline regulations.

As well as general dry skin issues from household chores and gardening, DermaBalm can really help with skin that is affected as a result of the ageing process, such as:

  • Rough skin
  • Dry and Itchy skin
  • Non-elastic tightness feeling (caused by loss of elastin and collagen)
  • Winter itch (caused by overheated indoor air)
  • Impaired performance of sweat and oil glands
  • Overuse of soaps or hot baths (especially in cold weather)

Thankfully, it is also safe for diabetics and those with shellfish allergies – it is only recently I realised how difficult it is for people with allergies to find suitable skin creams.

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