The idea for Boucha Kombucha was born in 2018 when founder Bryony Orsborn decided to give up drinking alcohol for good. Like many people, she found after many years of social drinking, it had started to take its toll, and she wanted to focus on a more mindful way of living. 

Many of the non-alcoholic wines found in supermarkets were overly processed and full of sugar – up to 42 grams per bottle on occasion. There had to be another option. 

Bryony first tasted kombucha at the Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival at Spitalfields Market in London and she was immediately struck by this sparkling drink which had the perfect balance between tart acidity and zesty fruit. Not sweet, but so very pleasing to the palate….it reminded her of something, so the seed of her Boucha baby began to grow and she learned the intricacies of producing a living product on a commercial scale.  



Flavour was of utmost importance in the design process, so using the profiles of several dry and zesty wines, they strived for the perfect balance and are incredibly proud to present the new and improved Boucha Kombucha in 750ml bottles, having tweaked the recipe to balance the sweet and tart notes, the flavours are more complex and have an even longer lasting finish on the palate.  


The new rosé blush is a delicate, floral wine flavour kombucha with notes of melon and summer berries. Like the white, it is lightly sparkling and is presented in a beautiful, artist designed bottle which brings something special to any table.  

They are organic, vegan and use only 100% natural ingredients. At just 105 calories per bottle and less than 3% sugar, they are incredibly healthy and are bursting with antioxidants and enzymes which support gut health.  

For anyone looking for a delicious drink to pair with food or take to a party this a festive season- Boucha is a brilliant alternative to alcohol- and many people say it completely takes the edge off their cravings for something stronger. 100% flavour 0% hangover!” 


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