As soon as we start talking about eating good healthy food, especially organic the conversation usually turns to finances.  Writer Lyuthar Jacobs from the USA shares some tips 

We want to eat healthy food, it’s a need not a luxury, but what about the finances?  When compared to normal groceries, organic groceries can cost almost double.  So is it possible to still eat healthy food while hanging on to some hard earned cash?   Here’s some top tips

Go for a popular brand

When it comes to healthy groceries, the big names often offer some amazing discounts on their products. With their incentivising sales and  voucher codes, you can grab lucrative savings.  Whether it is Planet organic or Natural Grocery Store, most of them offer some really rock-bottom prices. So, while you go shopping, hop into such brands rather than the nearby grocery stores.

Grab online discounts

If you are an online shopper, there are many ways to save on your purchases. One of the smartest tricks could be signing up for the voucher sites like where you can find discounts on a whole range of produce, stores and restaurants.

Purchase more at a time

When it comes to buying organic groceries, it is always smart to purchase in bulk. If you buy in large quantities, it will let you score huge savings.  Just make sure that you are not buying products that are easily perishable.

What you can actually buy include potatoes, oranges, dried fruits and so on. Above that, if you could fetch a lucrative deal from the thrilling deal sites like Vouchercloud, you will save extra!

Plant your own herbs

I am not asking you to become a farmer. Instead, if you’ve some space for a garden in front of your home, you can start planting the herbs that you like. Start with the easy growing veggies like lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini etc.  Healthy local and cheap!

Be organized

Handle your organic goods with care , and store them  in a well-organized way.  Its a good idea to clean your pantry and fridge regularly, don’t forget to label the leftovers, organize your pantry logically.  If you do fewer things will be wasted and you will have to buy less.

Eat according to season


Eating seasonally is good for your health and your wallet, If you try to eat turnips and raspberries during winters and pears as well as pumpkins during the summer, it will cost you more.

Find a perfect seasonal guide for foods and make sure that you are sticking to it.

(Check out my blog post and seasonal eating guide here  Janey)

So, what are you waiting for? Healthy eating is possible even on a limited budget