As you enjoy the sunshine make sure your skincare products are natural and sustainable!



If your skin is feeling dry and in need of some TLC then try this unique product – Antipodes Baptise H2O Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel – this intensive formula immerses thirsty skin in pure, natural moisture. Its formulated with plant-originated hyaluronic acid, New Zealand Manuka honey which is a potent antibacterial, and harakeke gel to deeply hydrate and firm skin. It’s clinically shown to increase skin hydration by 52%*, this is great for thirsty, dry and mature skin, and it’s easily absorbed.




Worth it for the name alone check out the Celestial Boho Glow from Rhythm of Beauty, Revolutionary and powerful natural ingredients combine for the ultimate skincare repair treatment. It contains skin tonic pearl: to brighten, smooth and enhance skin luminosity, a potent infusion of gold which calms inflammation, aids regeneration and prevents cell damage and Hyaluronic acid. It can be used as a night treatment or as a treatment masque twice weekly.


Especially for the guys check out the Agu Men’s Body Food from Naturally Tribal Skincare. It’s an exotic scented formula which provides maximum hydration for skin, as well as anti-ageing and skin-repairing properties. Specifically designed for men with the great fragrance and properties of Coconut Oil, Cinnamon and Nutmeg and filled with high quality ethically sourced Shea Butter to nourish and protect skin. It’s suitable for problem skin such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and excessive dry skin




Stay cool with the London based brand, Physicool Cooling Travel Spray. It will help cool you down but can also help soothe sunburn and can even treat the itching that comes with insect bites. It includes peppermint oil and Aloe Vera to soothe the skin. They also do a hand sanitising balm, (we’re all getting through a lot of that!).

If you suffer from hot flushes and they get worse during summer then check out Physicool’s Cooling Mist designed to quickly reduce the redness and heat of a hot flush by using natural alcohols to evaporate heat away, also containing aloe vera and peppermint oil to hydrate and cool your skin and to quickly alleviate any redness that can come with a hot flush. 




Another great summer essential that contains Aloe Vera is the excellent HayMax Barrier Balm with Aloe Vera, especially created to block the pollen, it has no added fragrance. It’s pure and organic and safe for all. You can buy HayMax in any Boots stores, independent chemists and Health food shops.



Have you tried a natural deodorant? Check out Love Your Pits, (worth it again for the name) lovingly handmade from coconut oil and calendula to soothe armpits, and smells amazing with essential oils such as patchouli, lime and neroli.


If you prefer a spray deodorant choose the lovely Peony Blossom Natural Deodorant Spray from Salt of the Earth which is a delicate bouquet of Sicilian lemons with subtle nuance of sage and rosemary. It works by leaving an invisible layer of mineral salts on your skin. This invisible layer inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria leaving you feeling fresh and clean.


For clean and fresh intimate health this wonderful ultra-gentle organic intimate wash in Rose fragrance from The YES,YES Company contains a little, subtle organic Rosa Damascena extract. Designed to respect the sensitive and delicate vaginal ecology, with a refreshing and effective cleansing action to wash away odour-causing bacteria without irritation.