*Next training starts Sept 30 – Oct 1

(This can now be done online if you are not able to attend in person)

According reports, at least eight million people in Britain are ‘over drinking’, as much as 50 units of alcohol a week, it’s a rise of two million since October 2019 and lock downs played a part in encouraging people to drink more at home. Earlier in 2019 a Lifesearch report had found that twenty-four million people admitted to ‘self-medicating’ with alcohol after a stressful day. 

At first glance, reading statistics like these, one assumes that these people are clinically dependent on alcohol and need rehabilitation, but invariably that’s not the case at all. Despite the regular large quantities of alcohol, they are functioning well, working, going about their lives, in many cases, apart from the ‘ringing into work sick’ or the number of bottles in the recycling bin, no-one would know. The majority of people are ‘Grey Area Drinkers’, a term coined by US author Jolene Park, as I said in my TEDx talk ‘Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew!’ ‘There are at least 50 shades of grey – none of them sexy’.  



The good news is that with the right support, and encouragement it’s possible to step off the ‘booze elevator’ before hitting rock bottom.

While I was still very much a grey area drinker, I would often ask a therapist or a GP about my drinking, but as I was functioning perfectly well, they usually assumed I was ‘normal’ (because it’s seen as ‘normal’ to drink too much!) and merely needed to add in the odd alcohol-free day. This is a travesty in my opinion, as anyone who reaches out for help (to be clear alcohol is the number one most harmful drug when you consider all factors), needs to be signposted to some content and a community that can encourage, inspire and support them. 

That’s why I founded The Sober Club, it’s for those on ‘day one’, or those who have been sober for years, because we focus on the ‘what’s next?’ (If you haven’t joined us yet in The Sober Club, it doesn’t matter what day you are on as we focus on living our best life without the booze.)

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I now offer The Sober Club Accredited Coach Training. If you’re a therapist, coach or practitioner and want to add to your toolkit to be able to support clients, consider becoming a Sober Coach. You can support others to be Happy Healthy Sober! and encourage them to optimum wellbeing. It’s ‘holistic coaching’ underpinned by sobriety, you’ll have frameworks to find transformation for yourself and to deliver to clients and groups, be equipped for earning by doing the work that makes your heart sing, and that doesn’t feel like a chore. 

You will get to fine tune you first, its not just learning skills, you can do that online, this is about embodying the mind body connection, energy work, and releasing limiting beliefs. Of course, you will benefit from huge personal transformation too, so this is a fantastic way to deep dive into personal development.

We desperately need more people who know how to support others who want to live their best life, they know that alcohol is holding them back, or perhaps they have already stopped drinking, but are now realising that limiting beliefs are holding them back. 
Think of the difference you could make! 

The next Sober Club Coach Training will  start September 30th – October 1st, 2 days in person in Southend in our lovely sea view venue (or online if you are unable to make it) followed by 4 weeks of business / brand building sessions and ongoing support. You become part of our coaches ‘family’ so whenever you start / expand your business support will be there for you.
If you are interested, or you know someone who this is perfect for, message janey@imperfectlynatural.com for a conversation, I am a really big believer that the timing has to be right, and that the right people will show up for this work.



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