FAIRTRADE is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.

It’s about supporting the development of thriving farming and worker communities that have more control over their futures and protecting the environment in which they live and work.

fairtrade-symbolWhen you buy products with the FAIRTRADE mark, you support farmers and workers as they work to improve their lives and their communities.

The mark means that the Fairtrade ingredients in the product have been produced by small-scale farmer organisations or plantations that meet Fairtrade social, economic and environmental standards.  The standards include protection of workers’ rights and the environment, payment of the Fairtrade Minimum Price and an additional Fairtrade Premium to invest in business or community projects.


fairtrade-leafletsFairtrade Fortnight is a fun-filled highlight of the year, when campaigners, businesses, schools and places of worship show their support for the farmers and workers who grow our food in developing countries.

Some excellent fairtrade companies, (and some who we love because of their ethical credentials) worth searching out are:

Real Remediesreal-remedies-blue-tea

Real Remedies products are ethical, sustainable and provide people with a means by which to achieve growth and empowerment. Guided by the plants, the products begun to take shape, forming synergistic relationships that acted on particular energetic centres in the body. They have combined ingredients to create a calming, soothing and harmonious Chakra teas.  www.realremedies.co.uk


Africology are an ethical company committed to fair tradebodybalmfrangipani-239x360 while respecting the earth and supporting local communities. From humble beginnings in a small Johannesburg kitchen, Africology is fast growing into a well-respected international brand.  They offer luxury, natural and eco-friendly body, skincare and lifestyle product ranges, fragranced only with pure essential oils.







AEOS are one of our favourite companies with a huge range of completely natural products. They have
spent years in development, and believe in a self-fulfilling balance of nature. They begin with the care of the earth through biodynamic farming on their own land. Powerful extracts and essential oils of herbs and plants are cultivated to bring new life and vitality to the soil in which they grow.  This in turn nourishes and strengthens the plants immune systems, before further energising with resonances of crystals and minerals once harvested. I love their rich and luxurious Spelt hand cream.  www.aeos.net


lovechockLovechock from Superfoodies

It’s close enough to Easter to be talking chocolate but make it the highest quality raw and sustainable. Check out Lovechock’s fabulous bars from Superfoodies (who also do brilliant Protein powder).  This company have carefully selected their cacao suppliers and work directly with small farmers, without any middle men. In this way they can guarantee that each of the farmers involved receives a fair wage and is treated respectfully. The company pays well above market prices to ensure that farmers are fairly rewarded for their hard work.  https://superfoodies.com/collections/chocolate


Twin Hats is a social enterprise that donates money to the charity Cancer Hair Care. With the twin-hats-kiddonation received from Twin Hats, Cancer Hair Care supplies a child or young person with a FREE hat.

They do this by selling fairly traded, hand knitted woolly hats to regular folk and donating the profits to Cancer Hair Care.

The hats are fairly traded, hand knitted in Nepal, fleece lined and available in over 50 unique designs.



TIANA Fair Trade Organics Ltd

tiana-raw-gingerWhen you buy TIANA, you are not only supporting Fair Trade and help world’s poor; you are also getting the finest and most nutritious organic coconut products available.

TIANA Fair Trade Project started at the end of 2009 when multiple typhoons hit the Philippines and coconut farmers lost their homes and almost all their income. The TIANA Fair Trade project guarantees a fair price for coconuts. This allows coconut farmers to earn at least 25 per cent more than minimum wage requirements in the Philippines.

The project has already benefited several thousand people in the Philippines with improvements in healthcare, education and infrastructure. The Coconut farmers’ community hospital in Candelaria is currently used to provide direct healthcare to workers. TIANA Fair Trade Project is subsidising a 10 per cent cost of the total hospital bill for all coconut workers and their families.



Viridian was founded in 1999 on two fundamental principles; to develop a range of supplements with the highest possible ethical standards and to generate significant funds for children’s and environmental charities.

Their ethics continue through their sourcing of ingredients and the manufacturing procedures. Their products are non-GM, non-irradiated and 100% active ingredients with no nasty additives whatsoever. No added sugars, no colours or artificial flavourings making the products as clean and pure as they can be. www.viridian-nutrition.com