Doors are open at The Sober Club, if you have thought about ditching the booze, or maybe you are already sober and want support, accountability, inspiration and amazing content, then join us for an amazing 2021!

Become part of our Sober Club community and you will get these fabulous gifts worth over £50! 


BONUS GIFT 1: Ailsa Frank’s De-Stress Your Life hypnosis meditation (worth £9.99)  

EXTRA BONUS GIFT 2: Exclusive audio download by yours truly ‘How I Stay Motivated’ to motivate and inspire you on your sober journey 

EXTRA BONUS GIFT 3: ‘Mindfulness’ courtesy of international bestselling self-help author Glenn Harrold, is a 23-minute meditation that will help you to learn the empowering skill of anchoring yourself in the present moment, something which can be very beneficial in maintaining sobriety (worth £10.95). 

EXTRA BONUS GIFT 4: The Sober Club Clean Eating Plan to help you navigate sugar cravings and re-calibrate with good nutrient dense food (worth £29.99). 

Join us for £16.99 a month and get all this and more…

As a member you have access to me on regular Zoom coaching calls, I am constantly in the private Facebook community, and of course there is a huge library of content for whatever stage you are at in your sober journey.  

Many of our members are just starting out, sober curious, some on Day 1 of their no drinking journey, and some are sober for months, and even years, and this works brilliantly because it’s always about ‘What’s next?’  

We have an amazing group of people who look out for each other. We cheer each other on and share what’s worked for us. Knowing that this group is rooting for you can make all the difference in your success in achieving the goals you have set for yourself. 

We focus on empowering you to live your best life.    


‘Janey’s Sober Club is vibrant and engaging, I’ve joined a diverse group of ‘real people’. We celebrate big wins and small goals; you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain! You came along at the right time and made a huge difference to me. Thank you, Janey’  



90 day course

For those who are quitting or working on any new behaviour challenge we have our 3-month online course ‘Get the Buzz without the Booze’ (worth £197) and once you’ve completed, we roll you into our 52-week challenge, ensuring that you stay motivated. 

Once you have been in the club for a year you get our ‘Keep Sparkling’ Nuggets of wisdom to encourage you to keep on looking forward.  

There’s always another layer to reveal and these are some of the things we cover: 

  • How to avoid FOMO, dealing with triggers, what to say to friends, what to drink when you are not drinking, the healing power of food, we venture into many other areas of personal development  
  • How to forgive yourself (and others)  
  • Extreme self-care, and what it really means to value yourself  
  • Setting boundaries, and looking at relationships  
  • Finding your purpose, and manifesting your goals  
  • Choosing happiness, and giving yourself permission to have fun  
  • Letting go of what you no longer need in your life – revealing limiting beliefs 


So many people find that once they have removed the Alcohol obstacle, they have a new perspective and want to increase their fitness, their mental wellbeing, set new goals and challenges.   

I have access to some amazing experts, and we have some brilliant video tutorials and interviews with an Angel expert, an expert in numerology, a food addiction coach, an expert on sleep, a naturopath on good fats versus bad, and many more. They cover brilliantly practical topics such as sugar alternatives, the best alcohol-free drinks, how to deal with the menopause, the best exercise tips as you age, ‘EFT’ (emotional freedom technique), and NLP to teach you how to anchor a positive state of mind! 

Being part of this amazing community is your key to finding the missing pieces of the jigsaw that will make you free from addiction. 

The Sober Club The opposite of addiction

These are the support resources you receive:

Live monthly talks with me via Zoom – monthly inspiration that covers meditation and mindfulness, exercise, sleep, relaxation, treatments, relationships, sex and how to get social. I want to help you to discover your purpose and passion! 

Exclusive Facebook Community – interact with like-minded people, make friends and connections, get support, share your experience, there will be people ahead of you, who have been at the same stage you are now, and those catching up.  

The Sober World – sober events (when appropriate!) and meet-ups, exclusive competitions and discounts on alcohol-free products. 

Guides and Resources – recommended reading lists, directories, recipes, self-care tips, inspirations, advice, tips and techniques.

Weekly Podcast – Alcohol Free Life often with video versions and exclusive content recorded just for members.


alcohol free life podcast jason vale



‘After decades of struggling to control alcohol, I was inspired to join the Sober Club for the 90-day online course. The Club has fantastic online resources and a positive focus on the life benefits of being alcohol free. 

The Facebook group has honestly made all the difference to me staying sober this time. Janey is fantastically supportive, as are the wonderful group members. Being upfront and accountable without the fear of being judged has meant that I am facing up to things more now, and what a bonus to be making some lovely friends. I know they are genuinely there for me, through the good times and the bad, and I will be forever grateful! 

Julie, USA   


Here’s some more testimonials. 

Would your life be better physically and emotionally without alcohol?  If your answer is yes … what’s holding you back?  

Join us and learn how to set healthy boundaries around relationships and put yourself first….and much more!