It was brought to my attention that we don’t have many articles specifically for guys here so I invited a guest writer Duncan Kingori to contribute an article, and he wanted to focus on growing facial hair, clearly its something us gals want to avoid but for man who wants a moustache or full beard here’s some tips…

How to Grow a Beard and Moustache Naturally 

Getting your facial hair in check is not something you can overlook, especially in a time where fashion and beauty are a big deal. Hair types differ in men, which means they also differ in beard types. You may have a mane that doesn’t need a lot of work to grow, but sadly this isn’t the case for everyone.   Growing a mustache or a full beard requires some patience, and more often than not, some deliberate effort, to get it to the length of preference.  The only good news you can bank on when it comes to growing your beard and mustache is that the beard grows faster than your hair. This means that any effort you put in will yield positive results quicker on your beard than on your hair. Here are tips on how to grow your facial hair naturally at home:

Use coconut oil

tiana coconut-oil-skin-hair

Coconut oil has positive effects on the skin, as well as the body. Take a mixture of coconut oil and any other essential oils of your choice. You can even use coconut oil alone. Massage the oil on your beard and then rinse it off after a few minutes. It makes a difference to warm up the oil a little before using it. Afterward, rinse out will cool water.  (Editors note try the Tiana Coconut oil with Argan, great for hair)

Keep clean and moisturized skin

Clean skin is very encouraging to the hair growth process. However, when you clean your beard, you add some moisture to it. The cleaning process will help rid your beard of any product-buildup and dirt that might clog your pores and stall the growth process. Additionally, as you add moisture with water, use a moisturizer too. A beard conditioner is excellent as it allows your facial hair to be soft and to grow faster than when dehydrated. It also helps it to look fuller.  If you allow the beard hair to become dry, it is more prone to breakage and damage, both of which slow down the growth process.

Reduce manipulation

You may feel a sense of excitement once you notice your beard growing. If you have been waiting for that moment a long time, then you may find yourself regularly brushing, touching, trimming, and shaving.  Don’t be in too mucb of a hurry to trim your beard.   Give it a rest for a couple of months. Let the natural oils distribute throughout your facial hair, giving it time to grow.  Once its time the Wahl detailer trimmer that gets the job done perfectly, but avoid picking and plucking your beard all the time. It is as bad a habit as chewing on your nails, and will only slow down the growth of your facial hair.

Eat right

Anything that grows from our bodies is a byproduct of what we eat.  Hair is one of the components that require nutrients from the things we consume. Technically, the body produces keratin by using some micro and macro-nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, and fat.  Ensure you opt for a balanced diet, without running out of proteins, which are the main elements that build hair.


The most necessary foods to choose should have a balance of vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins are best in enriching the sebum – the natural oils that your body produces – which is necessary for the growth of a lustrous and healthy beard and mustache.


Did you know that keeping your body physically fit will aid the growth of your facial hair? Well, the secret is, when you exercise, you improve your blood flow in your entire body. This sees to it that the blood circulation on your face is adequate, and therefore boosts growth. Ideally, any physical activity aids nutrients reach the hair follicles of your beard and mustache, improving growth.

Drink more water

It may seem that growing your beard and mustache has a lot to do with leading a healthy lifestyle because it is the case. The state of your body will affect the growth of your hair. Drinking lots of water hydrates your skin adequately, not to mention, better the circulation of blood and oxygen all over.