For eight generations Celtic Marches have been farming 200 acres of luscious Herefordshire orchards with eight cider apple varieties with award winning taste profiles and creating great cider from ‘Pip to Pint’.

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Their mission is to offer consistent quality and award-winning taste profiles catering to changing trends. They mix traditional values with great provenance, being one of the UK’s largest self-sustaining single estate cider producers, proud of their heritage, and traceability, as well as sustainability.

Staying true to craft and dedicated to working with their farmscape, their ciders are grown, pressed and blended with precision. Awarded PGI status, you can be assured that only Herefordshire apples are used in their craft cider.

Their modern bold branding stands out from the norm and the core range reflects the team behind them! Meeting the growing demand for non and low alcohol drinking they have created two distinct ranges of cider and rose:


Holly GoLightly Low Alcohol Apple 0.5%

Holly GoLightly2

Great Taste Award Winner Holly is refreshingly low with a 0.5% ABV. With a cider apple nose, a touch of acidity as the end notes and a wonderfully light tannin aftertaste that only 100% pressed cider apples can give, this is a fine balanced medium cider with strong roots. Gluten free and vegan available in bottles and cans.

Holly GoLightly Low Alcohol Rose 0.5%

Holly GoLightly Rose2

Refreshingly low, Holly GoLightly Rosé is a sophisticated blend of authentic Herefordshire craft cider with a fruity twist. The gentle sparkle, subtle sweetness and a light strawberry nose complete this delicious drop.

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Pulp Low Alcohol Apple 0.5%

How low can you go? Pretty low to be fair!

What it lacks in ABV is overtaken by the cider qualities it keeps! Refreshingly sophisticated, the light carbonation teases the tannins leaving plenty of body and the sweet aroma of real cider.

Low Alcohol PULP Rosé 0.5%

No way Rosé! Yes way!

Low alcohol cider turned it up a notch. Refreshing on the palate, the gentle sparkle explodes with fresh and fruity notes of real cider.