Full-flavoured, alcohol-free beer inspired by a love of beer and a love of sailing on the open sea, founder of Jump Ship Brewing Sonja has sailed to various corners of the world, allowing her to pursue a lifelong ambition to taste as many amazing beers as possible. 

With a busy family life and work, looking for an alternative full-flavoured, refreshing beer, minus the alcohol and the fuzzy head, proved to be a challenge, so she ‘jumped ship’ from the day job and set off on a voyage of discovery to help more people enjoy great-tasting beer without the booze.  



Jump Ship want to do great things as well as brew great beers, so they have committed to give at least 10% of profits to charity, and endeavour to minimise the impact of production and distribution by using cans which are lighter to transport (reducing carbon emissions) and easier to recycle. The grain that’s left over from brewing goes to a farmer to feed his cattle. 

They have three unique beers all gluten-free and vegan made lovingly in small batches to be naturally low in alcohol, no more than 0.5% ABV.  By carefully managing each stage of the process, they keep more flavour in, using the finest malted grains, hops, yeast and soft Scottish water to create world-class beer.  





Award-winning Yardarm is their flagship lager, it’s crisp and refreshing, brewed with Citra and Styrian Bobek hops for the full-flavoured finish you might expect from a well-balanced IPA. Zesty, biscuity and discretely bitter, it’s exceedingly drinkable.   




A distinctive pale ale, with a rich amber colour and deliciously fruity flavour. It’s hopped with Amarillo and El Dorado for luscious tropical aromas and a kick of lime for a satisfyingly bitter finish. A beer you can drink all night without ending up three sheets to the wind. 





The newest release is a delicious hazy IPA brimming with Galaxy and Azzacca hops for tantalising hints of mandarin and mango. Full-bodied and totally delicious.