Like me, Gardening may not be your forte. But not to worry, enter the innovative, award winning ‘Garden on a Roll’.

My Verdict… ‘I’ve never had green fingers but now I have with Garden on a Roll

Here is everything you need to create your very own professionally designed garden border. You can choose from Evergreen, Mixed Border, Mediterranean Border, Bee and Butterfly and many more.

So, how does the ‘planting by numbers’ approach work? Well it’s all delivered to your door. They offer a revolutionary, bio-degradable, paper template which is all marked up to help you position your plants perfectly and it suppresses weeds for up to 3 months.

All you need to do is:

Mark out the border width on the ground.janey-loves

Prepare the ground by digging to a depth of at least 8 inches. (I had my kids do this part)

Roll out the paper plan and peg it into the ground – pegs included.

Place the pre-numbered plants on their indicated positions which ensures correct spacing. Then remove the pots and slip the plant into the ground through the holes cut into paper.

The paper plan stays in place and can be covered with a layer of top soil or bark chippings and of course it’s biodegradable.

Water your plants and …Voila, you know have a beautiful border.

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