Created by mum Karen Lucas with the help of her 2 boys, Noah aged 7 and Oscar aged 10, JUST 4 KIDS are natural deodorants aimed purely for children.

It’s a challenge to find natural deodorant that doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals like aluminium (associated with Alzheimers) Parabens (being studied to determine if they play a role in breast cancer) and Propylene glycol (a neurotoxin that causes dermatitis, kidney and liver damage) which can be found in everyday deodorants.

With lots of research help and advice from experts in laboratories, NOOSC Ltd began developing the best natural deodorant formula, a healthier alternative product made with passion to give children a healthier start in the deodorant arena and formulated specifically for younger sensitive skins.

JUST 4 KIDS believe that using only the finest natural ingredients for our children gives them a brighter future. They don’t believe in testing on Animals and as part of their company pledge they will never test any products on Animals.

Children do sweat and more so when involved in sports and physical activities and it’s normally recommended for a child to start using deodorant around age 8 but of course this is a personal choice and with a natural option that doesn’t cause harm, children can start using natural deodorant at an earlier age if required.

There are 4 delightful fragrances available that will appeal to kids, Sea Breeze, Strawberry, Green Apple and Vanilla Cream. With a three year shelf life from date of manufacture, once opened they advise that the deodorant is used within six months for ultimate freshness and effectiveness.

A great natural option for kids!