Christmas for some may mean a revolving door of relatives and friends coming to your home, endless parties if you love socialising, and even if you’re having a ‘quiet’ one, nobody wants to get bogged down with cleaning, tidying or washing up!

When choosing cleaning products, it can be overwhelming, the sheer number of products at your disposal is endless. The other thing that is overwhelming when using standard products is the smell – bleaches, detergents, and a multiple array of other toxic chemicals can leave an unpleasant smell in your home, not to mention making it uncomfortable to breathe!

I have discovered a company whose products are 100% natural, environmentally-friendly, formulated with specially selected plant extracts which are known for their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, fully biodegradable which means that they are safe for the planet’s water courses AND paraben-free, chlorine-free, SLS-free, triclosan-free and do not contain other harsh, toxic chemicals. On top of this they have a pleasant natural citrus smell.

Check out NU-ECO – although there are other “natural” cleaning products around on the market, many are actually less than 100% natural (they only need to be around 85% to claim to be natural). NU-ECO are 100% natural guaranteed and are planet, animal and wildlife friendly. Safe to use in households with babies and pets.

They have a wide range of great products for both home, garden and pets. Here are some of my favourites:

Natural Bleach Powder


I’m excited by a natural Bleach Powder that is a  safe, effective, water soluble whitener and colour brightener, which can be added to your wash cycle with Nu-Eco Laundry Gel and perfect if the wash load is soiled.

It’s colour and fabric safe so will brighten both whites and colours and will not turn fabrics yellow or grey over time. It works as an effective stain removal in cold or hot water although it is not recommended on silk or wool items.

Just add half a scoop to the laundry gel for soiled or slightly stained laundry. It can be used to soak badly stained clothes overnight in warm water and will keep white shirts, sheets and other linens from yellowing.

A scoop left overnight in the toilet bowl removes stains and is completely water course and septic tank friendly and environmentally safe.


Nu-Eco Hygenic Surface Cleanser (Spray)



This is a handy spray that can be used to quickly and hygienically clean all hard surfaces. It’s a great daily spray which hygienically cleans and is antibacterial without leaving any toxic residue. The natural botanical extracts used in this formulation washes away germs with a lovely fresh lime & mint natural fragrance.

It is 100% biodegradable, safe for pets and non-polluting to water systems.


Nu-Eco Natural Surface Cleaner



This concentrated surface cleaner comes in a bottle rather than a spray and it has great multi-purpose uses, it can be diluted to various strengths depending on the level of cleaning needed. The formula is powerful enough to tackle really tough surface stains around the house whilst still being natural, so it won’t leave nasty chemical toxins behind.

It’s specifically formulated to be tough on dirt and germs but gentle on your hands. 100% biodegradable and safe for pets and watercourses.