Juice cleansing can provide an abundance of live nutrition to help detoxify your body and ease your digestive system. The health of our digestive system has a significant impact on the health of our whole body and good digestion means your body can absorb nutrients better.  Juice cleansing helps your body to regenerate and repair, hydrates your body and supports the liver as it works on detoxifying, it can really get your digestive system back on track. 




The Healthy Juice Company deliver premium organic juice cleansing packages, all raw, alive and delicious! Freshly cold pressed daily and certified organic. Choose from options for beginners right through to seasoned cleansers. Early each morning of your juice cleanse, you will receive a chilled insulated box containing 4 x 450ml bottles of freshly cold pressed, 100% raw fruit and vegetable juice combinations, 1 x 450ml bottle of nut milk and a small jar of cleanse elixir. The juices should be kept refrigerated between 1 and 5 degrees and drank cold or at room temperature, whichever is your preference.  


The organic juices are made from fruit and vegetables renowned for their cleansing, restorative and highly nutritious properties and together they offer the complete cleansing package. They aid natural toxin elimination process whilst providing support and a super nutritional boost to your system. Some ingredients, such as milk thistle, support your liver whilst others such as pineapple are full of digestive enzymes. 

Recipes vary daily and for nutritional benefit the juices are low in fruit (natural sugars) but high in vegetables. The Healthy Juice Company is Soil Association certified, fruits and vegetables are sourced from farms which have been approved as using organic farming techniques, British seasonal ingredients are used as much as possible. 

The balance of juice and nut milk combination will aid your body’s natural toxin elimination process and keep you satisfied throughout the Cleanse. The Cleanses are endorsed by Philip Weeks, a leading UK naturopath and herbalist. 



Founder of The Healthy Juice Company Rosie prides herself on her eco-friendly credentials and uses reusable and recyclable natural packaging, encouraging its reuse. Recycled glass bottles are used for purity, straws are lined with beeswax and the juice stays perfectly chilled due to the sheep’s wool insulation that is used in the packaging. When your cleanse is completed the packaging and bottles will be collected from you as part of the daily delivery service to be cleaned and re-used. All juices are made to order which ensures zero waste, vegetable washing water is reused to water surrounding gardens and juicing pulp is sent to an anaerobic facility where it is used to produce energy – it never goes to landfill. 


“Not only am I bringing a product to the market that promotes good health at a very high level, but my juices are also not preserved in any way at all – their integrity is still intact. I have worked alongside some leading UK nutritionists and their advice combined with my research and vision has created the ultimate cleanse package, which I am very proud to be offering to help clients who have a higher regard for their own wellbeing to enhance their personal health naturally.” 

Rosie Dickinson 



Following lots of requests for plant-based meals, they are currently recipe testing to create exciting nutritionally balanced menus to be delivered to your door. Working with a nutritionist to ensure that the daily menus tick the minimum nutritional requirements (RDA), they will offer gluten free & dairy free meals made from fresh organic, seasonal produce.  

They are also collaborating with Liz Earle and offer a collection of immune boosting, gut friendly shots and supplements together with a relaxing bath soak, available as a single day’s wellness box or a 3-day supply. The super healthy shots are packed with nutrients renowned for their incredible health benefits including strengthening the immune system, improving gut health and reducing inflammation.