Designed to help you adapt to a changing world, The Herbtender offers a range of wellness supplements formulated with adaptogens – normalising ingredients found in nature that help people access their innate ability to cope with whatever life throws their way. 

Modern life can feel pressurised, and sometimes just dealing with the day-to-day can seem overwhelming. At any one time, our bodies are dealing with a range of stress factors that could be physical, mental, emotional, biological or environmental. While life can often feel like a choice between fight or flight, The Herbtender encourages you to find the quiet inner strength to calmly face each moment. It’s not about retreating into a self-care bubble, but nurturing the strength, fortitude and purpose needed to show up and live life. 




The Herbtender harnesses the power of adaptogens to support the body’s ability to recalibrate in the face of stress. These powerfully intelligent herbs and mushrooms help normalise our internal systems, regulating physiological function and restoring metabolic balance. Adaptogens can find equilibrium whatever the cause of imbalance. They possess numerous beneficial powers, from reducing stress and aiding sleep to enhancing focus, performance and immunity. Their timeless magic reinforces our belief that acting in harmony with nature is the only remedy that really works. 



The formulations are thoughtfully crafted by medical herbalists, every product is trialed twice and without nasties like fillers, binders or sweeteners. Natural products, made in the UK. Vegan friendly, gluten free, clean and natural ingredients. Refillable glass jars, recycled cardboard, and compostable pouches.The Herbtender supports rhino conservation.  


Try Doze & Dream – Tranquil adaptogen blend to promote uninterrupted rest when you need to switch off and recharge. Specifically blended to help the body relax so you can settle for the night and enjoy a much-needed reset. 

Rise & Shine – Specifically blended to support energy levels, focus and immunity and to nourish your vital force. Designed to target both body and mind with a balanced blend of Panax Ginseng and Reishi mushroom. 

Perform & Recover – Endurance-enhancing blend to reduce athletic stress, support your immune system, and stop the early onset of training fatigue. Specifically designed to sustain performance and recovery, backing you every step of the way. 

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