I had an opportunity to  talk to  Sue Losson from Green People at 2012 CAM Exhibition in London about their festive  gift range- for baby boys, girls and also one if you don’t know the sex of the baby. They come wrapped in great colours, and are a brilliant gift for mothers! It is their top selling baby range which contains all natural, organic products.

Green People is a pioneering brand established in 1997 –  the leader in certified organic body care products. With an extensive range of natural products – shampoos, face creams, sun lotions and body washes, to name just a few – it is one of the biggest names in organic beauty in the UK.



My Verdict… “From the earliest days of my new ‘Natural path’, Green People have been at the forefront of high quality and affordable natural organic skincare products. The manderin toothpaste is the only one my kids will use!”


For more information, visit them at www.greenpeople.co.uk