Natural and organic skincare, with a clean conscience!

My Verdict…Active ingredients which rejuvenate and revitalize, unique and innovative, loving the Sweet Orange and Frangipani Body Polish.

janey-lovesI am delighted to tell you about a great skincare range from Conscious Skincare who hand make their product in Wales.

Let’s start with Rejuvenate Day Cream – This is an amazingly rich organic face cream specially blended for mature skin. It contains an exciting new form of collagen (non animal) made from brewers’ yeast which can enhance your skin’s elasticity and suppleness, whilst helping your skin to retain moisture.  It contains beautiful amber-gold organic rosehip seed oil, renowned for effective cell and tissue regeneration, and it works wonderfully within this cream, giving it a rich peachy colour.  Other fantastic ingredients include organic avocado oil to nourish the skin, with organic evening primrose oil, high in GLAs, to help protect your skin from wrinkles and give it a youthful lustre.  A wonderful anti-ageing treat for your skin and as this is a very rich cream (non-aqueous), you will only need a very small quantity to moisturise your face – a little goes a long way!

There’s also Gentle Night Serum for your night time beauty regime. This fantastic organic night serum is a great way to give your skin an extra boost and help dry, sensitive skin.  It contains a host of high quality active ingredients blended in organic jojoba oil and organic avocado oil, both of which have been especially chosen for their high GLA content to achieve deep down moisturising.  It also contains apricot kernel oil, high in Omega 7 and 9, to improve cell regeneration and assist the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

The serum is enriched with organic cold pressed rosehip seed oil (rosa mosqueta oil) and organic carrot oil to help boost and nourish your skin. A really intensive luxury skin treatment to improve complexion and skin tone.

And lastly my favourite Body Butter – A truly sumptuous organic body butter which moisturises and soothes.  Has organic Fairtrade shea butter and rich organic cocoa butter to help your skin to feel lovely and supple.  Organic virgin coconut oil is another amazing ingredient, with antioxidant, anti-ageing and wonderful moisturising properties, whilst organic sunflower oil helps nourish.  Sweet orange and frangipani gives it a lovely feminine fragrance, combining the happy, warm tones of sweet orange with the exotic, uplifting scent of frangipani.  They have also added the fresh and citrus notes of fragonia, known to help release tension and calm the mind.

A beautiful range of amazing products!