Happiness is a big and serious business. One in eleven people in the UK, and one in ten people in America are taking anti-depressant drugs, the number is expanding daily and costing billions of pounds globally to both the health service and the economy.

Unhappiness doesn’t just bring with it a financial cost for health, there’s also an emotional cost, the cost of a divorce, loss of work, the cost of lives.

We live with so much stress, anxiety, and fear and sometimes it’s tricky to find a focus to be able to make the choices that will bring us more happiness.

Affluence doesn’t equal happiness and as a 21st century society we have so much more choice and opportunity than ever before but we are also more technology dependent and more isolated, spending much of our time alone, which in itself is detrimental to human health and happiness.

We spend a large amount of time on Social Media where along with an abundance of materialistic quick fixes, we are sold picture perfect images to live up to. Images are powerful and have an impact on our views and our feelings in both powerfully negative and positive ways.


Janet Jones is The Happiness Millionaire, a leading breakthrough and happiness expert in the UK, and it was whilst writing her upcoming book (launching March 2017) ‘Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images for a R.I.C.H and Powerful LIFE’ that she discovered the science behind the power of images and how what we see can either take our life along a happy and successful route or down a devastating route.

Janet is an author, mind-set expert and professional photographer. Knowing the power of images, Janet has created thirteen images that represent a time-tested system to happiness and success. She has shared her unique images with audiences across Europe and the Far East and is changing lives, helping people break through difficult times, double their income, overcome depression, start businesses and live a fulfilling life true to them.

‘Janet helped me to dream again’,

‘Working with Janet helped me to get off anti-depressants, save my marriage and set up a business I am passionate about.’

‘If I hadn’t been working with Janet, I would have quit my business and lost my home’

Are you feeling lost, at a crossroads or feeling low and life just isn’t working how you want it?

Would you like to create an extraordinary and fulfilling life?

Spend a day with Janet and investigate how the images you see in your mind are either helping you or hindering you from finding your truly extraordinary life.


Janet’s New Book -‘Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images for a R.I.C.H and Powerful LIFE’ is launching in March 2017 – You can get a sneak preview with access to 2 FREE CHAPTERS – HERE>>