New Year is a great time to do a little gentle, natural, life detoxing and change up a few habits for a healthier you….nothing perfect just imperfectly natural! Here are a few simple ideas that can make all the difference to how you look and feel in 2020!

Detox Your Skin, Hair & Body

Using simple natural ingredients means you stay away from chemicals which will give your skin the break it needs. There’s a link between chemicals in skincare to skin irritations and asthma and when you go natural you will often notice the difference instantly.

‘Doing it yourself’ with a few things from your kitchen is cheap and effective and your skin will thank you for it! Try this very quick homemade mask for an instant boost.

Fruity Cooling and Repairing Mask

  • Half an avocado
  • Half a banana
  • Half an apple
  • A few drops of lemon juice
  • A little thick natural yoghurt to blend

This one works well if all ingredients are blended in a blender. Pat mixture onto skin, leave a few minutes and then rinse off. Pineapple is full of natural enzymes and a great fruit to add to a Face Mask for extra refreshing zing.

If you want to go down the ready-made route then choose these great natural skin and haircare options:

Scence Natural Skincare


Scence is a company that care about what you put on your skin as well as how they impact the world around them. A wonderful artisan range of balms for lips, face and body plus great deodorant, handcrafted with love and good intention using all natural, mainly organic ingredients.

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This great brand stand out with their choice of eco friendly packaging, rather than using single use plastic  their range is presented in simple and beautiful 100% paper packaging that is fully compostable and recyclable.

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Tabitha James Kraan Haircare


The full range of Tabitha James Kraan Organic hair care sells worldwide, and creator Tabitha believes we can and should have it all, meaning enjoying beautiful, luxury, nurturing products without harming us or the planet.


With her Eco Luxe range, she has raised the bar and created new eco packaging that is 100% biodegradable. Chose from shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, dry shampoo and hair perfume, all with gorgeous fragrances! No need to compromise with amazing looking natural hair.


YES Lubricants


These natural lubricants have won numerous awards over the last 13 years, making them the best choice for natural lubrication and moisturisation. The complete range is gynaecologist recommended, hormone and paraben free, making them suitable for hormone sensitive conditions, and they are hypoallergenic, so designed to be side-effect free for even the most sensitive skin.

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I9Living – CHAKRA Informed Water Bottle

i9 CHAKRA Informed water bottle has a TP Tag which positively affects the water you fill it with in terms of its vibrational orientation, the changes are sufficient to influence on chemical reactions in the water and can alter the biochemistry of plants, animals and the human organism.

The bottle helps clean and return water to its natural state, effectively penetrating the cell membranes and promoting transport of essential nutrients, increasing energy bio-field, and improving the ability of cells to dispose of waste and toxins. This can result in benefits such as improved digestion, better sleep, increased focus, and improved mental and physical wellbeing. The best water you can drink!

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Alcohol Free


If you’ve indulged a little too much and would like to take a break from Alcohol then it’s great motivation to join something that lots of people are doing – taking a break from alcohol has incredible benefits for your health and you will absolutely notice the difference in your skin, quality of sleep, mood etc.

If you’re thinking of doing an alcohol free challenge, Dry Jan is under way – grab my free pdf on

5 Reasons to do an alcohol free challenge 

Read about my own ‘going dry journey’ here>>>

Detox your mobile phone


NEW GREEN 8 evolution 5G is the next generation ultimate radiation protection for any phone including 5G, designed to neutralise electromagnetic radiation in all Smartphones (like iPhones and Androids…), mobile phones, on digital cordless DECT phones, baby monitors and provides a reliable protection on tablet computers like iPads etc.  Just stick to the back of your mobile phone or iPad and benefits including fewer burning ears and headaches.

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Detox your environment


The new award winning BAUER BIOTEC TRANSFORMER 28-5G neutralises and harmonises the high-frequency radiation and thus helps create a more positive energy quality in your home. At the same time, geopathic interference zones such as water veins or ground radiation as well as Wi-Fi radiation from neighbouring routers are reliably neutralised.

Benefits from using this in your home or office include improved sleep, waking up refreshed, stress symptoms such as nervousness, restlessness, headaches, tingling in hands or legs may gradually disappear an mental clarity improves with a feeling of balance.




An organised space helps create an organised mind…or something like that! New Year is a great time to have a de-clutter. Recycle all those things you don’t need at the local charity shop and re-use those that you can.



Swap those nasty chemical cleaners for natural options, just a few simple regular ingredients are perfect household cleaners and a much healthier option to detoxify from nasty toxic chemicals.

Glycerine mixed 50:50 with water is a great stain remover for old tannin stains: tea, coffee, fruit juice etc. Work it in and leave it for 30 minutes before laundering as normal.

Don’t throw away a lemon after you have made a salad dressing or squeezed over fish, you can clean a ceramic sink with half a lemon and it will make it shine beautifully. Add a bit of lemon peel to the cutlery container in the dishwasher – it will help shine the cutlery.

Vinegar will help prevent limescale around taps, in the loo, and can be mixed with lemon and water to clean surfaces and floors and to de-scale kettles.

Remove pet hair from fabric or upholstery with a rubber glove. Put it on one hand and stroke the hair off – it comes off instantly!