Today 17th June is the first ever Plastic Free Beauty Day which is the brainchild of We Are Paradoxx haircare brand. The idea is to motivate consumers and companies to reconsider how much plastic they use, and what changes they can make to cut down the amount of plastic used on a day-to-day basis. My motto is always to take small steps which can have a big impact.

It comes alongside Plastic Free July, which is a month-long challenge to encourage people to be part of the global movement to reduce the impact of plastic on our oceans, our streets, and our communities. There are many ways you can get involved here.

You can read my recent blog here which has some great ideas on how to ditch the plastic, including microbeads in cosmetics which can be deadly to ocean life.

I’m thrilled to say that many beauty and healthcare businesses and brands are changing the way they do things, creating new packaging and being more eco friendly in their work practices. Check out these below, some of my favourites:




Kentish Soap Company are supporting the environment by using minimal packaging with compostable labels, delivered by Royal Mail who are doing their rounds anyway, and all their lovely handmade products come in plastic-free packaging and contain only natural colours and fragrances.

Win Soap for 6 Months from The Kentish Soap Company worth £84!



Tabitha James Kraan has created a great Double Refill pack for the Compact Organic Dry Shampoo. A 100% biodegradable refill pouch which saves you money and is better for the environment, for the Dry Shampoo Compact which will naturally help balance oil production, soothe the scalp and volumize on the go whilst giving your hair a glorious scent!




Scence Jojoba Lip Balms are all natural with great flavours and are handmade in small batches in Falmouth. The Scence lab where all the magic happens is located in an eco-friendly unit generating their own power using solar energy, and all their suppliers support sustainable harvesting. For soft, supple and comfortably kissable lips all day long. The 100% paper packaging is fully compostable and recyclable.



Incognito are an eco-business that runs on renewable energy and fights for the future of the planet and they are constantly re-evaluating products, packaging, logistics and transport methods to ensure they align with their eco ethics that their environmental impact is as minimal as possible. 

They teamed up with Spectra, a specialist packaging company to create new environmentally friendly bottles using HDPE biopolymer on selected products. Sourced from the ethanol from sugarcane waste, as opposed to conventional oil based HDPE, it benefits from 96% renewable raw materials and can be recycled in the same stream as normal HDPE, making it the perfect environmental alternative.




Lotus Therapies have a mission to help you detox your body, mind and bathroom cabinet! They believe that looking after your skin and your body shouldn’t be at the cost of the environment and so they use ethically sourced natural ingredients and all their packaging is fully recyclable and plastic free, they also do what’s possible to ensure their carbon footprint is as small as possible.



These premium Konjac Sponges are without a doubt, of the purest and highest quality and are a powerfully effective answer to skin cleansing – a bit like having a mini facial every day. They are made of 100% Natural Vegetable Fibre making them biodegradable, and now even more environmentally friendly they come with plastic free packaging. In fact, you could bury the entire box and its contents in the ground and it would biodegrade back into the soil.