Babycup is a new baby cup brand. The Babycup range of open drinking cups allows your baby or toddler to sip rather than suck. Babycup’s colourful mini cups are translucent so your child can see inside and are perfectly shrunken for little hands and little mouths.

My Verdict… At last a baby cup without a mouth-contorting gimmicky spout. Drinking the ‘natural’ way for toddlers is back!


Sara, mum of three, and creator of the Babycup found with weaning her own children she became really frustrated by the cups available on the market.  Most are huge compared to the size of a baby or toddlers head/mouth/hands.  Really it is the equivalent of an adult drinking out of a bucket!  Most had those odd spouts and many had no spill valves.  If you’ve tried drinking out of these it’s an interesting contortion of the mouth!  Sara did some research and found that this is so unhealthy as it puts the mouth/face/jaw in an unnatural sucking position, which when done repeatedly day in and day out, can impact jaw and facial growth. In fact it’s one of the reasons many children develop crooked or crowded teeth or need expensive orthodontic work down the line.

Give a baby or toddler a Babycup and they learn to drink without lids, handles or spouts. Handling these tiny cups every day is great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. An NHS Oral Health Promoter says, “Babycup should become a normal part of the weaning process” and “Babycup should be for sale everywhere”.

Gill Rapley, the Baby Led Weaning expert says –
“At last!  A cup that allows babies to drink just like the rest of us do.  From six months babies can sit up, hold things to their mouth, bite, chew – and yes, sip from a cup.  Many parents are discovering the benefits of letting their little ones join in family mealtimes and feed themselves but they’ve been stuck for an easy way to offer them drinks with their food.  A Babycup is the perfect answer.”

As a mum, I love everything about these cups:

– A slim-drinking edge for little mouths
– BPA & phthalates free
– Easy to clean – no nooks or crannies
– Dishwasher & steriliser safe
– light weight even when full
– Holds 50ml increment markings so drinks can be measured
– Also suitable for cup-feeding milk to newborns (as per UNICEF recommendations that newborns be offered an open cup instead of a teat whilst breastfeeding is being established/if any breastfeeding difficulties)
– Made in England with love
– RRP £7.99 (pack of four cups)

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