How are you dealing with stress right now? For so many people the constant barrage of unwanted thoughts can be overwhelming.

I work with clients through The Sober Club and I’m sometimes struck by how fear can make us feel completely stuck, such that we ‘retreat’ within and really can’t find a way out of the funk that we are in.  It can really help to keep a list of small acts of self care that work for us, sometimes just having a bath with essential oils, going for a walk in nature or listening to an audio hypnosis can make all the difference.  Often the best way can be to get back to the Somatic, remember your body, as well as your busy mind.

We know that there has been a huge rise in anxiety and mental health issues even in young people so I interviewed the amazing modern day Shaman Ya’Acov Darling Khan for Uk Health Radio and for my podcast and he was a fascinating guest!

You may have seen him convincing Philip Schofield to move to the beat of his drum on This Morning recently!

Ya’Acov believes we absolutely can have ‘Ecstasy without the drugs’, he has simple suggestions to help us to change our state.

As a ‘movement medicine’ expert, Ya’Acov recommends that we ‘drop’ into the body, move in whatever way feels good, he recommends putting on a track that you love and just ‘shaking it out’. Choose something you loved as a teenager, as he says Life is a Dance, if you let it be.

Ya’Acov did an amazing movement meditation session for us in The Sober Club, so consider joining to have access.

Check out more of Ya’acov’s work at

Don’t forget to allow yourself some therapeutic ‘me time’ too and even if you can’t get to a spa, you can create your own natural spa experience at home, warm some towels, get a great natural candle or room diffuser, I like the aromatherapy one from Shui me, and there is a gorgeous Uplift room spray which really lifts the spirits.

shui me new uplift room spray

Don’t forget whatever is going on for you, there are so many ways to support your physical and emotional well being naturally and of course its so important to feel connected to like minded people.

Don’t allow yourself to feel isolated, there is always help and support available so reach out if you are feeling lonely and out of sorts, let me know how you get on ‘shaking it out!’