Eating well can be a challenge for the best of us (especially at this time of year!), not to mention those of us with children, that’s a whole different battle! A poor diet doesn’t only lead to weight gain and lethargy it has an impact on everything we do, our mood, our ability to concentrate, our sleep patterns and basically it governs how we function day to day.

Sugar, fats, carbohydrates, proteins…. everything we eat has either a positive or negative impact and when it can be hard to get your children to even look at a vegetable it’s a real challenge to ensure that our kids are well nourished and have a diet that helps them function healthily.

Let me introduce you to Louise Mercieca, a changemaker who is on a mission to share her passion for nutritional, tasty food, exercise and gut health for both adults and children.

Louise is a personal nutrition expert and founder of The Health Kick. Whilst working as a Personal Trainer and Group Instructor, Louise became fascinated by the connection between athletic performance and food. After studying Clinical Nutrition and Life Sciences, Louise became a nutrition expert and established her business, The Health Kick, in 2012.

Louise is happily married and a proud mum to son, Owen. Based in rural Leicestershire, Louise enjoys running and healthy eating. As a parent and self-proclaimed foodie, one of Louise’s main aims is to arm fellow parents with important knowledge about the types of food that aid childhood development and promote good health. In her book ‘How Food Shapes Your Child’, Louise shares her passion for nutritional, tasty food, as well as sharing essential guidance for parents on nutrition.

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Louise’s mission is to dispel the myths around food such as counting calories, so many people overly focus on calories, yet calories don’t determine the nutrient value of food which has such a bigger impact on health and weight and how you feel!

Food is a complex subject and it’s not just about what we eat but also the feelings and behavioural patterns and habits around food that we all have. Louise wants to change the mindset of a food ‘treat’ for example, why is a combination of sugar, salt and trans fats generally considered a treat!?

When we really understand food, what it does to our body chemistry and to our brain chemistry, then we are empowered to make the best decisions for ourselves and our family, this is where Louise’s experience and expertise can help.

Louise Mercieca

In Louise’s own words:

I LOVE food! My mission is to help people create lifelong changes that can be passed down through each generation – no more yo-yo dieting or fads.