As someone who has kept pretty much the same hairstyle for years, I am definitely not the person to comment on current hair trends!  Recently I helped my daughter try and make a decision about a haircut and it was agonising!  A US guest writer offered us this article which might shed some insights into choosing the right hairstyle for you..

If you’re like most people, you’re very familiar with how it feels to wind up with a haircut you don’t like. A cut doesn’t have to leave you in tears to be a bad one. Sometimes, you’re just really disappointed in a particular result. Maybe your hairstylist didn’t understand what you were really asking for, or perhaps the cut you picked didn’t suit you as well as you thought.

Disappointing haircuts happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to learn to live with them. You step out wearing your hair every day, rain or shine. Your cut also says a lot about you, and it can make or break how you feel about yourself. You deserve one that leaves you looking and feeling your best. Here’s how to make sure you get it.

Choose a cut that’s truly right for you

Everyone gets the urge to make a significant change to their hair once in a while, and that’s perfectly OK. A daring cut or a bold new color can be just the thing to put the pep back in your step after a breakup or otherwise inject some freshness into your everyday look. Just don’t assume that a particular style will look good on you just because it looks great on a celebrity or a friend.

To begin with, the right cut for you will work with your natural hair texture, not against it. Stay away from choices that will require you to fight with your hair every day just to make it look good. Good cuts also complement the shape of your face, your personality, and your lifestyle, so keep all these things in mind as you consider your options.

Take the time to choose the right hairstylist

Going to the right haircut salon and selecting the right stylist is critical when it comes to getting the cut you want. If you don’t already have a go-to place you trust, take the time to find a perfect one. Ask friends and acquaintances – especially those with great hair – for recommendations. Do your homework and look into each salon’s reputation, as well.

As with your choice of haircuts, not every stylist will be a good fit for your hair or for what you want. Do you have curly, thick, or ethnic hair? Choose a stylist that is used to working with hair like yours and making it look its best. Make sure they’re experienced as to the type of style you’re after, too. Bold choices like going super-short or drastically changing your color require finesse, know-how, and experience.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Even the best hairstylist in town isn’t going to be able to read your mind, so there’s no such thing as too much communication when you’re getting a new haircut. (this article is fascinating as stylists share their insights)  Start by really knowing what you want before you show up for your consultation. For instance, don’t tell your hairstylist to “just cut it all off” if you want to go short. Instead, carefully consider the kind of cut you want. Bring in plenty of pictures to show your stylist to make sure they’re picturing the right thing before they start cutting.

Make sure you’re giving the stylist a fair idea of what your hair is really like, as well. Wear your hair the way you usually do, as they can tell a lot just from your choice. You’ll also want to tell them about your hair – what its natural texture is like (if it’s different from how you wear it), the details of your styling routine, and whether your hair is processed. If the stylist has feedback, make sure to consider it, too.

A cut that makes you feel like a million bucks isn’t impossible to get. It just requires some forethought and careful communication. Get started today!