There have been a few wellbeing trends recently that I just haven’t embraced. I love the whole concept of Marie Kondo’s work but I just am quite messy and never could clear quite enough or get the rolled jumpers to stack neatly.  I loved the whole ‘Hygge’ idea too but in reality couldn’t quite get the right cosy effect and I may be the only person in the world who doesn’t actually like thick socks.

But another Japanese phenomena  has emerged that I have to confess to; It is Tsundoku, – a Japanese word that means buying lots of reading materials and allowing them to pile up and never reading them – ouch guilty your honour!  Despite wanting to live clutter free (to be Maria-kondo-ed) I am afraid my book stocks are out of control.

It’s sometimes called ‘shelf-help’ the fascination with self-help books and I hand on heart love them.  In fairness I do read most of them too, in fact it was a book that changed my life  two years ago when I read it, The Sober Diaries  by Clare Pooley was literally the catalyst for me to stop drinking, hurrah, just over two years without the booze, what a difference.

Most avid readers and  ‘Tsundoku’ types have several books on the go at any one time, a couple of novels and about three non-fiction titles, not to mention magazines, printed papers and ebooks.  In case you need any recommends to add to your own pile, I am currently reading Quit Like a Woman, another ‘Ditch the booze’ book by Holly Whittaker (witty, informative and life changing),.

rangan chatterjee book

I’m loving Dr Rangan Chattejee’s acclaimed  ‘Feel Better in 5’ great bite sized tips to squeeze into your day, including quick workouts, breathing exercises and nutritious snacks.  In The Sober Club recently we had a ‘self love’ challenge with lots of bite sized ideas for fitting meditation and self care into your life, this complements those ideas.

I’m also enjoying a book that I had a hand in creating (sort of) I talk to Angels by Beverley Densham is published as part of the Janey Loves series on Caroline Press, with a foreword by Dame Kelly Holmes it’s a lovely inspirational guide to connecting with your Guardian angels and bringing more gratitude love and hope into your life. There are meditations, visualizations and a guide as to how to choose angel cards

i talk to angels bev densham cover

Its true I do buy too many books, and I do have too much reading material piling up, but hey ho, I wouldn’t change it for anything would you?