Tabitha James Kraan is a revolutionary British hairdresser with over 20 years’ experience, who believes we can and should have it all, meaning enjoying beautiful, luxury, nurturing products without harming us or the planet. Tabitha’s 100 per cent natural eco luxe hair brand creates products that protect health as well as protecting the planet.

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The luxurious range includes an Organic Hair Perfume, Hair Cleanser, Dry Shampoo, Hair conditioner and treatments, and each product is packed with premium quality, certified organic ingredients that are both good for your hair and scalp and work in harmony with your body. They do not contain toxins that can harm. Tabitha has a salon on the Cotswolds, and people travel miles to see her. Tabitha is a passionate advocate of all things natural and fully supports organic farming methods that create beautiful quality ingredients through the certified products that become part of our water systems when used.




Tabitha is also an organic colourist, in this interview she talks about her products, what makes them special and why they care so well for your hair and work in harmony to support you using fewer products so you can wash your hair less often and still enjoy beautiful hair every day.

Tabitha has recently launched their new subscription service, not only will products arrive at your chosen interval, but they give you up to a 25% discount when you sign up for one of their subscription plans.

You can see more about Tabitha James Kraan’s salon in the Cotswolds and the innovative organic haircare range at

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