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Busy Bee Cleansing Balm for Combination Skin


This rich and indulgent all-natural Busy Bee cleansing balm can be used to remove make up and provide a beauty treatment all in one go. It’s particularly suited for combination skin. This oil-based balm leaves skin squeaky clean. The bentonite clay draws out impurities, while the coconut oil hydrates and soothes.

Simply take a small amount and massage in small circular motions onto dry or damp skin.  This will not only break down dirt and grime on the surface of your skin but will also increase the blood flow under the skin and in the deeper tissues helping to remove toxins.

Remove with a warm damp face cloth and your face will feel fresh, clean and revived with a beautiful essential oil combination of lemon, lavender & tea tree.

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Gentle Bee Natural Deodorant


This aluminium free, all natural, deodorant is full of the goodness of coconut oil, beeswax, honey and gentle, soothing essential oils of rose geranium, lavender & patchouli. This natural deodorant allows your body to perspire without the formulation of odour producing bacteria whilst the natural powder and clay help to absorb your perspiration.

This is super gentle and avoids the use of sodium bicarbonate for those who are sensitive, so it is extra soothing for your armpits and can be used straight after shaving. This is NOT an anti-perspirant and not designed to ‘stop’ you sweating, it is designed to reduce odour and help soak up perspiration. 

As this deodorant contains coconut which has a fairly low melting point so the deodorant may become soft in the heat, simply store in the fridge to firm the bar. If the bar becomes too firm and less easy to spread, simply place in a warm area before use to help soften.

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Bumble Bee Face Cream for Dry Skin


Made with a beautiful combination of rose geranium and myrrh essential oils to rejuvenate, balance and uplift and raw Welsh honey and beeswax to moisturise & soothe.

This gorgeous face cream feels light and fluffy but it’s very effective and powerful and will leave dry or mature skin feeling velvety smooth whilst the fragrance will lift and comfort your senses.

You’ll love its aroma and texture. It’s your little pot of natural luxury!

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