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Nature’s Wish is an award-winning wellbeing and skincare company founded by Amy Murphy Watts, offering a range of high-quality products that are rich in vitamins, essential oils, flower and crystal essences. Each product is handmade in small batches to retain the quality and integrity of the essences.

All the flower essences are made from plants grown in Amy’s garden or gathered on local walks in Hampshire, thus preserving the highest quality distinct imprint of the flowers. Nature’s Wish uses natural and organic ingredients and does not contain any chemicals, petroleum, palm oil, parabens or additives and is never tested on animals.

Peace Energy Spray

Peace Spray

Peace energy spray is best used when you are feeling overwhelmed and is a wonderful aid to connect to your higher self, so is great to use in meditation. It is a beautiful combination of Angel’s Trumpet, Daisy and Walnut flower essences, Palmarosa, Rose Otto and Grapefruit essential oils and Rose Bulgarian floral water.

Palmarosa oil is uplifting and calming so great for stress and anxiety. Rose Otto oil is associated with the heart chakra and helps with sadness, grief and anxiety. Grapefruit oil can help alleviate depression and is reviving, great for nervous exhaustion.

Daisy flower essence helps to bring together scattered thoughts and promotes clarity, Angel’s Trumpet essence helps break down inhibitions and self-doubt and Walnut essence is very useful for major-life changes, teething, puberty, pregnancy, divorce, moving home or school, changing job, bereavement etc. This Peace spray is great to use to clear the room of energies if there has been any upset in the household, workplace etc.

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Tranquillity Roller Ball


This easy to use Roller Ball is great to have on hand to feel calm and centred when all around is fast moving and chaotic. Have this on your desk, in your bag, in the kitchen and use when you feel the stress of the day. It’s great to use at bed time too. Use on your pulse points for maximum effect.

A gorgeous combination of essential oils and flower essences including Neroli which helps relieve emotional anxiety and is uplifting as it’s refreshing and floral, Mandarin, a beautiful citrus oil which helps with emotional upset, and Lavender which is perfect if you over stretch yourself emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Lavender also relaxes and is an aid to relaxation and sleep. It also helps to protect from too much spiritual energy which can often result in difficulties in the head, neck and shoulders.

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Clarity Flower Essence

 Clarity 300dpi

If you desire a clearer mind, free from distraction then this is for you. This combination of Black Tourmaline, Daisy, and White Chestnut essence helps to still mental chatter and is also good for learning and focussing, great for those who are studying!

It’s also very good to be taken for negative feelings; Daisy and White chestnut aid calm and so are very good to help with the busy brain, if you’re busy chattering away in your mind, sleep won’t be easily forthcoming, so this essence is a great one for bed time. Black Tourmaline has a stabilising effect, grounding the root chakra, it sooths, settles, and protects.

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