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Rainbow Books are an inspirational verse collection by Ceran – a daily ‘go-to’ collection of inspirational happiness for your heart and soul.


Sit comfortably and take a moment from your busy lifestyle to look at this lovely verse collection and intuitively choose whichever colour book you are most drawn to. Glance at the pages and connect to the verse which jumps out at you, or let the pages fall open where they may.

Read the words of the verse and be still…in that moment you will recognise ‘the true essence of You’ in the words as you deeply connect. Reflect on any past, hidden or locked away memories or emotions which may be holding you back in the present. Observe these scenarios and feelings, note your awareness of them and let them fade away. No need for answers resolutions or outcomes. Just observe.

Re-visit the verse as often as you will and when the emotions are calm and still, the catalyst for healing has already begun. Use these books in your everyday life as a catalyst to help you move forward and bring about the change you want with purpose, positivity and love.

Moments in Time, are they yours, are they mine?

There are 9 books which can be purchased individually or as a box set. Illustrated with hand drawn sketches by Ceran’s sister and nephew, who both enjoy drawing and ‘just went with the flow’ until they had drawn many illustrations. The verses ‘just felt right’ to write and the drawings ‘just felt right’ to draw, and it also ‘just felt right’ to put them together, and so Ceran did.


Book I. The Red Book by Ceran

Trust your inner knowing

Your intuition, your instinct


Book II: The Orange Book

Your heart is singing like a hummingbird

There is no sound, no spoken word


Book III: The Yellow Book

Express yourself, you have a view

Speak with kindness and your truth


Book IV: The Green Book

Quietly sitting down at home

No one here, all alone


Book V: The Blue Book

Tears are wasted on someone who

Has no respect or emotion for you


Book VI: The Indigo Book

Today’s a day when you feel good

Nothing will take your mood down


Book VII: The Violet Book

Be involved in your own life

Fill it with doing things of your choice


Book VIII: The Platinum Book

These are my innermost feelings

But they’ll be someone else’s too


Book IX: The Gold Book

Tears of laughter run down your face

Your eyes fill up, your cheeks ache


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